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Has anyone seen anything new? Kind of bored here......


Oh wait, I got one (I think):


Der Grossman


Oh, should I travel through the woods,

Or should I not wishing I would,

For above me lurks within the trees,

No one could hear my deathly screams.


The palest man, the blackest suit,

Bigger than the tallest brute.

Six black arms will grab you up,

Or stalk you till you just give up.


A top hat upon his head,

Makes your soul fill up with dread.

He takes you when you least expect,

Boil you up, and eat your neck.


He'll leave your body not to eat,

But staple your corpse up on a tree.

Fear the man, the slender man,

For he can do what no one can.

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Seriously, does ANYONE have a story that they wish to share? If you do, please, PLEASE share it immediately! Don't hold back, share your story!

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Hey, Pest, just so you know, pressuring/pleading/begging/slash people to do stuff, doesn't work. just be patient. They'll do what they want regardless...unwillless you trnoty subliminmultial messpostaging.

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Oh god, I spent last summer listening and reading creepypastas only. I think I know all of those you posted here, haha.


My favourite one gonna be those short ones. Or even those about urban legends as well, however I have a really soft spot for creepypastas.

I love the Candle Cove as well! Also Normal Porn for Normal People, Barbie.avi, which probably started wit the deep web even, those are interesting as well.


I dont know if anyone posted here the Keyhole before but it's pretty short and really good:

"This legend involves a man who checked into a hotel for a few nights. After he obtained his room key, the woman at the front desk warned him that there was a door with no number on the way to his room. She explained that the locked room was used for storage, and she also warned him not to go into the room, or even look inside. The man, although intrigued, went straight to his room without asking any more questions. But by the second night, his curiosity had got the better of him. He tried turning the door knob, but found it to be locked, just as the woman had claimed. Not to be deterred so easily, the man proceeded to peep through the keyhole. Beyond the door was what looked like a normal hotel room, exactly like his own. However, in the corner stood a very pale woman with her head resting against the wall opposite the door. Confused, the man returned to his room.On the third day, the man decided to look through the keyhole once more. This time, all he saw was the color red—nothing else, just a constant, deep shade of red. Maybe the woman had suspected that someone was spying on her and had blocked it with something. The man decided that he would ask the woman at the front desk. She sighed and asked if the man had looked through the keyhole. After he confirmed that he had, the woman proceeded to tell him the whole story. Many years ago, she said, a man had murdered his wife in that very room, and her ghost now haunts it. Her ghost is said to be very pale, except for her eyes, which are bloodshot red."


Definitelly check out You Tube creepypastas, or creepy videos ones. Some of them are ultra fake, but gives a nice chills reading or listening it.


I definitelly dislike creepypastas like Jeff the killer or all of those spin offs of it. Or like.. sexy slenderman. Mmmnn no. Even those stories which aren't really scary, sometimes are interested written and fun to read.

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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