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  1. In case someone gets bored: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nicole_White/
  2. Oh, I miss playing Wario Woods on the SNES, I remember my utter frustration trying to beat the ghost, and never being able to. I just finished watching a 4-part playthrough of the game, oh, the memories.
  3. Old news relative to Facepunch Forums, but new news to here: In case someone wanted to use the program, it has been majorly updated, and most of the information in this post is a mirror copy of what was said on the Facepunch Forums. Changelog v1.85: -Added Portal content extraction -Redesigned the extraction selection list to mimic server selection list -Tweak minor bits of aesthetic code. -Fixed the Flickering Page Tabs -Fixed a bunch of element background transparency issues. -Minor UI changes. -Fixed a bunch of internal code. -Removed the progress bar in favor of having text-based progress indicated. (This is more accurate, and takes up less screen space.) -Main program is smaller now. (Screen-space-wise) [b]Changelog v1.81:[/b] [i]-Added Error Handler to prevent the program from crashing if the user does not select a server type from the server list before choosing to generate a launch script or installing the server. [t]http://i.imgur.com/n6URD.png[/t] -Fixed minor text issues. -Added tooltip hints to the page tabs.[/i] [b]Changelog v1.80:[/b] [i]-Added Generate Script button to automatically generate a script to use to launch the server. -Fixed some content not properly extracting. -Added Day of Defeat: Source to the server download list. (and the script generator button functionality) -Major UI changes, (Hopefully more intuitive usage this time around.) -A prototype disabled downloader button for giving server operators an option to download content from Valve to add to the server rather than extracting the content from a preexisting Steam client installation. -Script generator now appends the server type onto the end of the batch script created, for easier identification and organization. -Other miscellanious minor changes.[/i] Known Bugs: -The program will not work properly in Windows 8 unless you run the program as an administrator, to give it elevated command line access. Download Link Version 1.85: http://www.mediafire.com/?ehl5xglsouue0pi Facepunch Thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1044633
  4. PepperJack Cheese is my favorite. Goes well on Sub Sandwiches.
  5. First the Accursed Farms forums.... then.... the WORLD.
  6. Nagi, can you change my username to Madame Le' Flour? Or do the special characters conflict with username policy on the forums?
  7. I can definately imagine having some fun in After Effects if one of my friends buys one.
  8. I loved playing through the entire Penumbra Trilogy; I started Penumbra after having finished Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I enjoyed the level of hands-on-interaction available in those games developed by Frictional Games. I also cannot wait for what is essentially Amnesia 2 (contiuation of the story-world, but not the original story) http://www.nextfrictionalgame.com/
  9. There is a new intro-sequence for the upcoming Freeman's Mind series, if anyone wanted to know. Hope you enjoy it.
  10. Yeah, it would be nice to see it change. The clean slate would be refreshing.
  11. I like this song quite a lot, it's refreshing. Makes me want to play the mod itself even more. Good Work. A tad bit repetitive, but it's fine.
  12. April 1st is used for Viral Marketing of many companies such as Google. It gets people's attention, so it works marvelously.
  13. I am a programmer, for Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Batch Files. I work with a movie producer to create professional level films on relatively small budgets. I make special effects for the movies and try to be as helpful as I can.
  14. Hugely looking forward to Portal 2, already put my pre-order to it. I can only imagine the possibilities should valve release the SDK for mappers and the sort.
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