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  1. Test Drive Unlimited 2, mainly because it was released when it was only half-finished, but also because of its awful voice-acting and the horrifyingly annoying driving schools where the car would spin 1200 degrees for every twitch of the steering wheel, despite you being on dry, concrete surfaces. Plus its lack of emphasis on the driving, with apparently more time spent animating the virtual people than perfecting the driving aspect. Not to mention you have to disable User Account Controls on Win7 just to play it.
  2. Oh, I forgot about that one. But yeah, it should happen more often.
  3. I just want him to seek help from the others more (i.e. using E). The only time he's ever done that was in the first episode after the Cascade, but that's it I think.
  4. Freeman's Mind is meant to be as realistic as possible while also being funny. Half-Life has no physics engine, meaning no ragdolls, so then enemies can die while stuck through a wall or lying flat in the air with only their feet on the edge of a cliff or on the stairs. Also the Source version has much better water effects.
  5. Either way this isn't really answering my question..
  6. It was funny because it was ironic. The original fan-fiction though...
  7. Actually it's different with the pistol. When he unholsters it, he's holding it with both hands, but when holstering it he takes one hand off as he puts it away.
  8. I kept hearing about it and thinking "what is this Freeman's Mind of which you speak". Then my friend showed it to me, I think. Or I just watched it myself. I don't remember. Anyway, here I am, and I think I watched CP first without realising CP and FM were by the same person.
  9. THE TUNNEL 2 Or maybe some crazy, crazy video, but I'm hoping for the former.
  10. Now that I think of it, "MONKEY ON A STICK" made me laugh out loud.
  11. Nice work Ross. Can't wait for the download to be up. There's just something I really want to know: When Freeman puts away his current weapon it actually moves from view, rather than disappearing using an r_drawviewmodel bind. How do you do this?
  12. Sir Raffi

    TV Tropes

    TV Tropes is like Facebook. I spend hours on it without doing a single damn thing.
  13. When the world ends, I hope it'll at least be more interesting than anything else that has ever happened. Zombie apocalypse, that sort of thing. Not just "bang".
  14. I wouldn't mind if Machinima didn't upload so many CoD "machinimas".
  15. What I meant was, he hardly takes anything seriously.
  16. Yeah, I never really liked the 80's series. It just didn't live up to the standards of the original imo.
  17. Maybe Gordon has a personality similar to Ace Ventura..?
  18. The Twilight Zone is one of my favourite TV series, and I was watching it all over again the other week (the original series), so I just wanted to know if there is anyone else here who is interested in it. If you've also watched either series of the Twilight Zone (or the movie), discuss your favourite episode and/or moment from it here. Personally I really liked 'One for the Angels'.
  19. I wouldn't want Mike and Dave to die :< If you were underground for months on end, in an atmosphere most humans don't adapt to quickly, with no-one to talk to and having mysterious noises probably coming from monsters or something, you probably would go crazy eventually, especially with the air containing less amounts of oxygen than it normally should.
  20. More like a giant fetus with metal apparatus forced up its ass.
  21. Are you going for something like Ellis' facebook page? The one I linked earlier and was ignored by everyone else D:
  22. Actually, one of the things I love most about Freeman's Mind is the way Freeman responds to what the Scientists and Guards say. Freeman: "See if I do anything nice for you again... because I wont." Scientist: "As I expected..." Freeman: "What was that? You trying to say something about me? Man, I'll kill you... pricks..." Guard: "Go right on through, sir. Looks like you're in the barrel today." Freeman: "Did he just say I'm 'in the barrel'?! Oh, shit, looks like I'm the only person here who know some dirty jokes!"
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