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  1. Am I the only one who kept thinking of The Hangover when watching this episode? Also, cool episode, but definitely not my favourite if I'm honest.
  2. I thought exactly the same thing before actually, though I don't think it should last for the whole episode, but maybe for about ten seconds. Like when he puts on some Australian accent when he climbs onto the box and into the ceiling and a headcrab appears: "AND THAT'S ABOUT AS CLAOWS AS IT GITS"
  3. Portal 2. The ending. OH MY GOD.
  4. Oops, didn't realise I'd posted this in Free-for-All. I'll try these out in a bit.
  5. So recently I tried putting episodes of Freeman's Mind & Civil Protection on my iPhone (long journeys; music sometimes isn't enough, you know). The Internet tells me I can convert to the movies to MOV to add them to iTunes, and thus to my iPhone. *convert* Oh, wait, the Internet has changed its mind. They must be mp4. Back to square one. *convert* Now I try to add the episodes (in .mp4 format) to iTunes. It clearly does something, but afterwards they are nowhere to be seen. Films tab is blank. May any kind folk here lend me a helping hand so I can enjoy long plane journeys a bit more? i.e. give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this right?
  6. Way to put an overly-elaborate crossbow-shaped tranquiliser gun in a shark cage for no discernable reason. I'm so proud of you!
  7. Angry Birds. - Nearly completed really hard level. - One more bird left. - One more pig is left and is in plain view and can be taken down directly. - Miss. - Rage. Super Meat Boy - Nearly complete evilly difficult level. - Hit spike that's right next to Bandage Girl (the end of the level). - Die. - Rage.
  8. Loved this episode. I just didn't like how Freeman mocked the scientist with "Please move on to the next area". That bit pissed me off a bit for some reason. What about the parts with the large tentacles? It was often best to steak past them rather than running like crazy, chucking grenades this way and that.
  9. Minecraft. (joke) The most challenging game I've ever played is probably Super Meat Boy. Also, I've noticed that a lot of games I've found hard mostly due to shoddy gameplay. I couldn't complete Asphalt 5 due to the opponent AI being 50x faster than me all the time.
  10. Now I can't play GTAIV unless I intend to finish it all in one sitting.
  11. Wipeout... Oh my god, never had so much fun in a racing game. Also, the Gran Turismo franchise was amazing.
  12. Nnnn-not quite. Keep watching after the credits.
  13. When I ordered stuff from the Valve store, it took a few weeks to get to me (Valve store = America, Me = UK) I bought tickets to a Jonathan Coulton concert sometime in May, when the concert is in June. When I go on holiday, the plane/ferry/Eurostar doesn't magically teleport to my intended destination. I've spend a lot of time in my life waiting. I've gotten used to it. I feel sorry for those who haven't.
  14. I never thought of the Black Ops Assassins being like ninjas until now. Half-Life just got so much better for me.
  15. http://steamcommunity.com/id/sirraffi I'm the only Sir Raffi who has a Gaston Lagaffe avatar, 1078.4 hours dug into Garry's Mod and the ending verses of the Bohemian Rhapsody for the profile description.
  16. Title makes post. Songs you can't stop listening to right now. For me it's .
  17. Hah. I've been re-reading all the books recently and I forgot how great they were. /offtopic
  18. Scientist: "We've boosted the anti-mass spectrometer to 105%... " Gordon: "Nice hair." That bit made me fall off my chair.
  19. Half-Life: Opposing Force Shock Troopers being generally overpowered Fail AI Half-Life Lack of explanation of anything, even names of monsters (I had to search them up on the OverWiki) Garry's Mod Every update breaking something important Super Meat Boy "The Kid" level. WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY.
  20. There are millions of Combine soldiers, and quite a lot of them might be called Mike or Dave. There is only one Free Man.
  21. I don't know about the training course. The instructor always refers to the "use key" which doesn't sound very canon since pressing E makes Gordon open doors or flip switches (using his own hands), etc. I don't think the HEV suit has a special button which aids Gordon (or anyone for that matter) in pressing buttons.
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