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  1. Asari vanguard with the camifex seems the best option. My favorite is definitely the human infiltrator though. Has anyone got a drell yet?
  2. I think I remember it getting better reviews on the Wii too
  3. Nice game list. I forgot all about Rollercoaster tycoon
  4. That was the same deal for me. Probably still the best $5 that I've ever spent. I'd like to see the Mass Effect 2 review as well, comparing the two should be interesting as a lot of people argue over which one is better. Also I have it on Xbox, I can imagine the hotkeys on PC are way more useful for ME1 but how does the Mako control? I can't imagine it for PC
  5. While it IS up for debate, you can assume it'll be a short one
  6. I'd say half-life 2 was what got me hooked. I never considered story to be such an attractive factor in video games before playing it.
  7. I have to agree on the Force Unleashed. It has a strong story and is pretty fun to play. The second was a pretty massive disappointment though.
  8. "I still don't get a window like Liara but I suppose I don't kiss as well"
  9. If this is what you get for a bad ending then I'm gonna start making games. I know what Wrex would say what to do with the cupcakes...
  10. I think that's something we can all agree on
  11. So it turns out Bioware is going to modify (or clarify) the ending. While I believe it does require some work to properly finish the trilogy, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing in the big scheme of things. Thoughts?
  12. They're bad but they don't by any account ruin the game
  13. Your choices and EMS are one in the same, and they directly dictate how many of the endings you have to choose from. That's not a matter of opinion, those are the mechanics of the game. To anyone that is less optimistic to play the game now due to ending discussion (sorry about starting it), I'd say definitely play it anyway. The rest of the game will give you exactly what you want from Mass Effect.
  14. I'd say hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is the worst I've seen
  15. And apparently that's the best ending.
  16. There's a big outcry over the endings and I've gotta agree. For probably my favorite game series ever, it left a sour taste in my mouth
  17. I figured all of AC3 would be played as Desmond but this looks pretty promising. Especially if those beta pictures are real.
  18. Women won't be a struggle. It's college.
  19. I'm enjoying it. Played it a little too much though maybe. I'm just wondering who here's playing it on the xbox as most play computer.
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