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  1. This is true, but the smaller things get, the harder it is to determine what the reaction would be. Like, say action A happens. There's a 50 % chance that reaction B could happen, there's a 15 % chance that reaction C could happen, there's a 12 % chance that reaction D could happen, and so on. In reality nothing in the universe has a certain position, a certain direction or a certain momentum which is why we can't predict everything if anything at all. We can only estimate.
  2. Caravan Palace seems to be one of the main electroswing groups. Some favorites of mine by them are
  3. http://www.fallingfalling.com/
  4. I've been planning to watch Attack On Titan all because of this song: 13oxEtKyUY8 And I will! Someday.
  5. qx1oyMUxmkc I think this is going to be great.
  6. This thread is completely incomplete without pony Godot. Look at 'im. He's classy as fuck!
  7. I took the test two times. Results from the first time were And the second time were
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