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  1. Fantastic as usual, Ross! The longer episodes are fantastic, even with my final exams coming up. If you're ever in need of any Steam games please feel free to message me, I'm happy to donate games because unfortunately I can't donate otherwise.
  2. It's probably april fools over in Ross-land. If not, I think the awesomeness contained in this potential could possibly power a thousand starships.
  3. Magda how's Ross doing? Is he dancing around like a school girl? I must know for my internet fix. From a random fan, thank you everyone who is doing what I can't, the contents of my wallet doth belong to my parents and as such I can't donate. But you've guaranteed me, you and everyone between a fix of entertainment that Oxycodone itself couldn't rival.
  4. $6972. Freakin' hell Ross these fans are fantastic.
  5. This poor guy, he seems like he's got a heart of gold. I hadn't seen his videos before but just seeing how everyone reacted to him was enough to make me feel mournful for his passing.
  6. I studied the MEC this year, so maybe a vaguely educated fool could provide some information on the subject. At the time that modern Israel was being formed, the Brits had made a "promise" to help the Jewish people establish a homeland in the mid-east in an attempt to get America into WW1. American Jews were useful at the time. However after it was done riots and so forth made out because of one thing. The Arabs weren't happy with how Jerusalem was going to be divvied up, so they refused to accept an agreement. The UN decided that they weren't going to give them anything instead of the pittance they were going to be given anyway, then and bulldozed towns and left tens of thousands of Arabs destitute. Some of my information could be inaccurate, but I'm having a look around in my coursebooks which talk a lot about this. Personal opinion,shit would've gone down in the mid-east anyway, but Israel just complicated matters severely.
  7. Just legalise absolutely everything and let natural selection take its course. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  8. I haven't had the time to check out the videos, but why haven't you chosen to pick up a Glock or any of the more... for lack of a better word mainstream handguns? from what I've seen and read, most military-special forces types prefer Heckler and Koch handguns, like the 9mm version of the USP Compact, have you had any experience firing a heckler or any SIG-Sauers? Do you concealed-carry it?
  9. Hey Ross, I'm not sure whether or not you're aware of it, but your fanbase isn't comprised of Ritalin snuffing ADHD children, we're more than happy to watch videos that go for 20 minutes. Since your work is generally fantastic and I personally have no issues watching an hour long video, (If it ever came to that) so if you feel like putting up long episodes, please do so, it's worth listening to you talk about things. Also: When it sounds like you're resigned, like when you said "if I hear yakkety sax I may kill somebody" it's somehow all the funnier. It's like in Tyrian when you spoke of your ship being a carrot. You sounded so enlightened on the universe, I may well be alone in thinking this, but I was in hysterics when I heard that line. My parents were genuinely concerned when they came into my room and saw me giggling hysterically.
  10. Hey BTG, I'm afraid I'm kind of a gun nut. I'm unfortunate enough to live in Australia and as such my actual experience with guns is null and void. With your Ruger, how accurate would you call the gun? By that, I mean would you be confident in shooting it out to thirty metres and hitting the target? Are the sights on your Ruger sighted properly? Basically, any and everything about the gun that isn't technical is what I'm interested in.
  11. You really need to do more of these gaming videos. It's great just to hear you talk generally about random things. I did laugh a lot at both you and the two gentlemen you played with. If you could just go into random games with fans and record what happens, that'd be a great addition imo. Especially with no editing. Please do keep up the fantastic work!
  12. This is... the greatest thing I've ever seen on Youtube, ever.
  13. saints row the 3rd, borderlands 2, planetside 2, I beat SR:3 3 times in a day, I think I need serious help.
  14. How often do you play? More out of curiousity than anything else I'm looking up at Misty. That's a hell of a long way away. How do you get used to the tedious 10-14k runs? I took a Mark 48 and replaced it with a lot of food and medical supplies as a thank you. Really appreciate it! If many people are interested, maybe we should start a DayZ group, like Ross suggested?
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