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  1. Fantastic as usual, Ross! The longer episodes are fantastic, even with my final exams coming up. If you're ever in need of any Steam games please feel free to message me, I'm happy to donate games because unfortunately I can't donate otherwise.
  2. It's probably april fools over in Ross-land. If not, I think the awesomeness contained in this potential could possibly power a thousand starships.
  3. Magda how's Ross doing? Is he dancing around like a school girl? I must know for my internet fix. From a random fan, thank you everyone who is doing what I can't, the contents of my wallet doth belong to my parents and as such I can't donate. But you've guaranteed me, you and everyone between a fix of entertainment that Oxycodone itself couldn't rival.
  4. $6972. Freakin' hell Ross these fans are fantastic.
  5. This poor guy, he seems like he's got a heart of gold. I hadn't seen his videos before but just seeing how everyone reacted to him was enough to make me feel mournful for his passing.
  6. I studied the MEC this year, so maybe a vaguely educated fool could provide some information on the subject. At the time that modern Israel was being formed, the Brits had made a "promise" to help the Jewish people establish a homeland in the mid-east in an attempt to get America into WW1. American Jews were useful at the time. However after it was done riots and so forth made out because of one thing. The Arabs weren't happy with how Jerusalem was going to be divvied up, so they refused to accept an agreement. The UN decided that they weren't going to give them anything instead of the pittance they were going to be given anyway, then and bulldozed towns and left tens of thousands of Arabs destitute. Some of my information could be inaccurate, but I'm having a look around in my coursebooks which talk a lot about this. Personal opinion,shit would've gone down in the mid-east anyway, but Israel just complicated matters severely.
  7. Just legalise absolutely everything and let natural selection take its course. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  8. I haven't had the time to check out the videos, but why haven't you chosen to pick up a Glock or any of the more... for lack of a better word mainstream handguns? from what I've seen and read, most military-special forces types prefer Heckler and Koch handguns, like the 9mm version of the USP Compact, have you had any experience firing a heckler or any SIG-Sauers? Do you concealed-carry it?
  9. Hey Ross, I'm not sure whether or not you're aware of it, but your fanbase isn't comprised of Ritalin snuffing ADHD children, we're more than happy to watch videos that go for 20 minutes. Since your work is generally fantastic and I personally have no issues watching an hour long video, (If it ever came to that) so if you feel like putting up long episodes, please do so, it's worth listening to you talk about things. Also: When it sounds like you're resigned, like when you said "if I hear yakkety sax I may kill somebody" it's somehow all the funnier. It's like in Tyrian when you spoke of your ship being a carrot. You sounded so enlightened on the universe, I may well be alone in thinking this, but I was in hysterics when I heard that line. My parents were genuinely concerned when they came into my room and saw me giggling hysterically.
  10. Hey BTG, I'm afraid I'm kind of a gun nut. I'm unfortunate enough to live in Australia and as such my actual experience with guns is null and void. With your Ruger, how accurate would you call the gun? By that, I mean would you be confident in shooting it out to thirty metres and hitting the target? Are the sights on your Ruger sighted properly? Basically, any and everything about the gun that isn't technical is what I'm interested in.
  11. You really need to do more of these gaming videos. It's great just to hear you talk generally about random things. I did laugh a lot at both you and the two gentlemen you played with. If you could just go into random games with fans and record what happens, that'd be a great addition imo. Especially with no editing. Please do keep up the fantastic work!
  12. This is... the greatest thing I've ever seen on Youtube, ever.
  13. saints row the 3rd, borderlands 2, planetside 2, I beat SR:3 3 times in a day, I think I need serious help.
  14. Angel Blood


    How often do you play? More out of curiousity than anything else I'm looking up at Misty. That's a hell of a long way away. How do you get used to the tedious 10-14k runs? I took a Mark 48 and replaced it with a lot of food and medical supplies as a thank you. Really appreciate it! If many people are interested, maybe we should start a DayZ group, like Ross suggested?
  15. Angel Blood


    I have to say, this is a lot of fun and it's practically crucial to play with at least one other friend. JC himself helped us see this by having a MEDIC SERVICE FOR LONE WOLVES. If you're with a friend you negate the need for this. For the most part it's difficult enough starting off, I was lucky enough to start with a string of fantastic luck following my... amusing deaths. Some of the items that you might think "Oh my god awesomeee" I found pretty fast. Currently as of 9:41 7/10/2012 I have a Mark 48 Mod 0 machine gun with enough ammunition to put me far and away on top of the leaderboard for most zombies killed on any server you'd care to name. Because of the fools that attempt to kill me I'm stuck as a bandit. Don't hate me because I'm a better shot than you. >.> @Ross, do you head straight into a city or do you mess around in towns like Komarovo or Balota? If so I've found it's far easier to simply head into Elektrodovask or Chernogorsk and gear yourself up enough to head up to Starry Sobor or to the Northwest Airfield. I think it'd be fantastic to play with you as I generally play with a few friends so if you need a support gunner/medic/backup it'd be a pleasure to join you! If you'd like to set up a session I'd love to get on Steam or Skype and talk to you and play. If you watched JC's video, they were using the ingame chat (sorry, I may be treating you as a newbie! Apologies if you've watched a lot of videos about it) but using the ingame chat for the reasons aside from "I'm here as a friendly!" isn't a great idea. Steam, Skype and other programs are used for a reason. PM me if you'd like to play. I'm happy enough to trek back down to wherever you are. This game indeed does have a steep learning curve, especially with good players being far and wide spread. My friends and I have geared ourselves up and assisted other players only to receive AK shots to our backs after we leave them somewhere. Travelling at night has its advantages, only you're in a bit of trouble if someone decides to make you his b!tch and has night vision goggles. Flashlights cost lives man >.> @JC, have you had much trouble with hackers? It seems like I encounter at least five a week. My friend and I actually came across five hackers today, two in a helicopter who actually hacked into the server and remote banned us after we shot them out of the air with our (Legitimately acquired) AS50 and M107 sniper rifles. Pathetically? We've got a rule. We kill any hackers, we disconnect and join another server. If we don't we end up getting massacred by air strikes, server nukes or god moded people with full-auto firing M107s. I sincerely wish I was joking. I'll be perfectly frank, the IQ of the average player seems to be at least eight. OMG A PLAYER, SHOOT IT SHOOT IT OMG IT HAS COOTIES!! I notice you have (in your video) an M4A1 CCO SD. If we can arrange a time I'm always carrying a few suppressed magazines for the chance of getting my own, but the Mark 48 is my baby, so I don't need them anymore. Also that guy offering you a weapon was (I think) a hacker, that was an M4A1 CCO SD M203, I'm pretty sure that's a hacked in weapon. To anyone else thinking of getting this, it's definitely worth checking out. If you go into it with a closed mind you'll end up hating it, but if you go in with a "I'm a newbie, I am going to fail at first but once I start understanding what the hell to do, I'm going to kick ass" attitude you're going to do fine. PS, JC, where's your accent from? It seems oddly famliiar but I cannot place it. The dangers of this game are actually surprisingly stupid. @JC (You seem to be the most competent player I've seen and I mean that) You called out in the supermarket and honestly, I wouldn't dare do that. If I were in that position I'd have the most heavy-hitting gun I owned and I'd be ready to shoot. Some places I don't even dare go without backup... and a machine gun. Even with that hero skin how often are you shot at? I'm a survivor and I get potshots taken at me with regularity. As a bandit I actually got shot at less. As a hero, after I died the third time I just gave up trying to keep it up.
  16. Um, me personally I can see why the US would want to fuck this guy up, the same for Britain even if it does risk going to war with another country. Example. I'm an Intelligence Agent and my main job is to collect information on... Hezbollah. The people of the world don't need to know I exist. For the safety of my family I don't want the people of the world to know I exist. Thanks to some dip-fuck Australian (I am Australian, so don't curse me out) creates a website and hacks into and distributes a list of my agents and informants. Now thanks to this information being public knowledge some of my operations which have saved thousands of lives are public knowledge. My informants have all gone dark and I can never work in Afghanistan again. My family is in danger. I fear going back to work because I don't want to end up on Al Jazeera being beheaded. I fear that thanks to this drop-kick I am going to end up dead, my family ends up missing or beheaded on Al Jazeera while extremists are screaming about God being great. Yup, every intelligence agency in the world will totally not be gunning for this guy! I'd honestly pay to see what would happen if this guy pissed off Mossad..
  17. This honestly isn't about me. I just knew that this forum is full of competent people and I wanted to know what you guys had to say about it. I have no interest in using it.
  18. I honestly think it might be. I'm suspecting that said friend is getting withdrawal. I might be wrong, but what are signs of this?
  19. This may not seem like a serious issue but I'm young-ish and a lot of my friends do marijuana. I need some opinions on this because I honestly feel really sick and suicidal every time I find out a friend has used it. Can some people help me out with this?
  20. Between the default 9mm, the .50 hand cannons, the .44 magnums and the newly made Mark 23 handguns, Sharpshooters get a fair share of weapons, this is now including the Lever Action Rifle, the Crossbow and the M14 Ebr, as well as the newly added M99 single shot .50 BMG sniper rifle. (Jesus that thing is beautiful) Not let's compare this with the... Commando! Bullpup, Hungarian AK pistol (The AK) the FN SCAR, the FN FAL and the M4/M203 combo. Or even better, the Firebug. Flamethrower, MAC-10 and the fireguys cannon. Only class that I can see that even remotely comes close is the Support Specialist. Remington 870 pump action - (hunting shotgun) the double barrel shotgun, the AA-12, the Combat Shotgun (M1014) and the Keltec KSG-1 (The new shotgun added in the expansion) Trust me, the Sharpshooter is spoilt for choice, Is it just me or are the Mark 23's sights awful? They're irritating to aim with imo. This game is a lot of fun and definitely worth playing to those of you that haven't!
  21. And many a tear will not be shed for the lives lost during the fanboy assault on the Valve offices.
  22. The way I'm reading this is sort of like a Terminator game, except humans have the keys to the robots. So probably nothing like a Terminator game at all! But I think that if we could actually play as an aggressor that'd be cool. Then it might be FUN to use the bloody horses, because they don't have anything else.. Hopefully they actually have some fun with the graphics. That giant pile of money might be better utilised giving us a more fun, or more impressive gaming experience. If they can beat the Battlefield 2142 experience, they deserve my money for this.
  23. Halo 2 Mostly because it's a Games For Windows game. No multiplayer without paying? Go to hell... Alien Vs Predator (Alyxx' mentioned) Combat was good, but just boring and tiresome. Predator kills were fun though. Homefront Glitchy, buggy, not much customisation, doesn't do a damn thing for what it's meant to be. ARMA 2 I don't even understand how to play it..
  24. I have information about eight nuclear bombs heading all around America, GO ALLAH, AMERICA SUXXORS!! Is Anon going to protect me? <3? Out of a slight fear that I might lose control of my computer or other useful things that use the internet, if anyone wants to know my views on this feel free to PM. I did write a large section on this and I think it's reasonably written and well, I made it as unbiased as possible, but Anon doesn't make it easy...
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