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  1. Okay, so, as can be seen from the title, this is an all purpose thread for discussing American politics. This is pretty informal, so basically you can talk about whatever political issue, government, etc as log as it's connected to American politics. I'll start. I think America could greatly benefit from more and stronger third parties. As it stands right now, we have two major political parties who don't represent their constituents enough (the Republicans have been hijacked by the most extreme among their party, while the Democrats are acting schizophrenic in their flip-flopping between left-wing and centrist policies). Therefore, if America had better third parties, each political party would be held accountable to represent their "base". Instead of not voting, a voter can vote for someone he or she can vote for without feeling revolted at. Even if the candidate doesn't win, it tells the other parties that they need to work to earn the voters' trust and favor.
  2. ThePest179

    Account deletion?

    Is there any way that I can delete my account or am I stuck with this forever?
  3. ThePest179

    Account deletion?

    Evidently so. Seems there's no way to change my username either so I can't disassociate myself from the dumbfuckery I got up to when I was younger.
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    Goodness, what happened to you back then? And are you sure more Freeman's Mind can't solve it? Oh hey, it's a post I made four years ago that I'm now greatly embarrassed by. Since I can't really remember anything specific back then, I think I was just being a massive prick back then and tried making up a bullshit excuse for it. I hate younger me.
  5. I think GG could've really benefitted from having a centralized leadership; having people like Bryan "King of /pol/" Dunn and Vordrak on your side is not going to be a benefit.
  6. Looking back on things, I used to be really anti-GG because I was going through a cringey SJW phase. Nowadays I can't help but think the whole thing was just a shitshow between two equally dumb groups who fed off the other's stupidity.
  7. ThePest179

    American Imperialism

    A lady never tells her age. Your own business keeps you busy 48 hours odd to 24, didn't your mother tell you?
  8. ThePest179

    American Imperialism

    How old are you? This is a serious question; when I was younger I used to be really into political stuff like this and wrote out big rants like these. I find it embarrassing nowadays.
  9. ThePest179


    I was not expecting that. This is why I love the series so much.
  10. it's been confirmed YEARS ago that the episodic series was done for and Valve wasn't gonna release another. Marc more or less wrote this to bridge the gap between Episode 2 and HL3. Yeah, but I still held on to some fruitless hope that it would happen. Not anymore.
  11. I used to have hope that Episode 3 would eventually come out, but I think this killed my optimism. Episode 3 is never happening.
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    I wish I could go back in time and punch out my younger self.
  13. ThePest179


    This made my day.
  14. ThePest179

    Last Game You Played

    TLoZ: Ocarina of Time. I'm not sure why this is usually considered the best game ever made, but I haven't gotten too far yet. I'll reserve judgement for the end.
  15. ThePest179

    Freeman's Mental State

    Okay, so I've done some brief investigation, and here I'll try my best to determine what psychological disorders Gordon Freeman has. If I'm making any glaring errors or if you don't think the disorder in question fits Freeman's personality, let me know; I am not an expert. Without further ado.... Antisocial Personality Disorder: - Wikipedia on ASPD From what we know of Freeman, he has a history of petty crimes (there are hints that he has stolen from Black Mesa in the past and planned to do so in the event he got fired), alluded to trouble with authority figures (namely the police and Black Mesa management), engages in reckless behavior (his frequent consumption of alcohol to the point where he's woken up in dumpsters more than once; his oxycodone addiction; implied sexual harassment of female coworkers) and aggressive behavior (his brief reference to "breaking things" in grad school; unprovoked insults before and after the Resonance Cascade). He also displays little remorse or guilt over his actions, even when those actions cause harm to others (the times he's accidentally killed people usually don't get more than a minute or two of reflection, although in Freeman's defense he's fighting for his life over a period of two days) and has great difficulty holding down relationships (he's talked about how he's been tasered and hit with pepper spray on previous dates). So, all in all, I think that there is a good case to claim that Freeman has ASPD. Psychopathy: Using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, let's see how many characteristics of psychopathy Freeman demonstrates: glib and superficial charm - Freeman states that he is a good liar, but we only have his word to go on that. On the other hand, he briefly mentioned getting acquitted for petty theft. This one's ambiguous. grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self - Yes and that's all that will be said. need for stimulation - His previously mentioned alcohol and oxycodone addiction count. pathological lying - See "glib and superficial charm". cunning and manipulativeness - There's not enough evidence in-series to suggest this. lack of remorse or guilt - Already covered in the ASPD diagnosis; yes. shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness) - Kind of hard to determine in-series, but I'm leaning towards no. Freeman is pretty emotive in-series. callousness and lack of empathy - Freeman considered using a scientist as a human shield at one point, and considered using a guard's intestines as rope, and this isn't mentioning the times he's made fun of the deaths of Black Mesa employees, or tried to steal things from corpses. Then there's his description of how he was going to climb the corporate ladder through kidnapping (Episode 21). I'm leaning heavily towards yes on this one. parasitic lifestyle - We can't tell for certain in-series. poor behavioral controls - This one's ambiguous as well. He's delivered insults to fellow employees before and after the Resonance Cascade, as well as overacting several times when confronted with threats, but these can easily be attributed to other factors. sexual promiscuity - He's been implied to be a sex offender, so it might apply. early behavior problems - We don't have very much information on his childhood, but he did mention he built pillow forts out of plaster of paris. Again, might count. lack of realistic long-term goals - Depends on if his dreams of taming a sea turtle, leaving the country for India, and finding another job after Black Mesa could be considered realistic. impulsivity - Already covered in the ASPD diagnosis; yes. irresponsibility - See "Failure to accept responsibility". failure to accept responsibility for own actions - He frequently rationalizes the accidental deaths he causes. I'm leaning towards yes on this one. many short-term marital relationships - I'm pretty sure he's never married, but it seems like he can't keep a relationship. I'd say it counts. juvenile delinquency - See "early behavior problems". revocation of conditional release - Not enough information. criminal versatility - Implied petty theft, implied sexual harassment, drug abuse, yeah, I'd say it fits Freeman. So, all in all, it would appear that Freeman meets several criteria for being a psychopath. I'd leave the final decision to a psychiatrist, although personally I think he is a psychopath. Paranoid Personality Disorder: - From Wiki on PPD So, while we don't know if Freeman has a "constricted emotional life", we do know that he doesn't have anybody he considers a friend (something that he's quite proud of), although that's not an instant qualifier. He's definitely suspicious of others (again, something he's proud of), and holds grudges (the whole rant about "the list" in episodes 2-3), however, Freeman doesn't appear to have these as central personality traits, nor does he appear to constantly attempt to validate his fears or overact very often (and the times that he does can be conceivably excused). While he does fear things like frog people and mind-reading owls, these are not instant qualifiers. I'm going to say no for this one. I think that's all the ones I wanted to cover. If you think I made any glaring mistakes, either in my psychology or my depiction of Freeman, or if you're more qualified to diagnose these things, please speak up and/or point out my mistakes. So, opinions, comments, criticism, and etc. are all appreciated.
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    After re-watching this, maybe instead of mentioning Ed Wood, you could've brought up Tommy Wiseau. It would've had roughly the same effect.
  17. ThePest179

    The Ctrl+V game

    Missing Information
  18. ThePest179

    Post what you're doing right now

    Looking at my older posts. Holy shit, the cringe. It's too fucking much.
  19. ThePest179

    Freeman's Mind 2 Reactions

    This is pretty close to what was actually said.
  20. ThePest179

    Before Freeman's Mind 2 We Should All Watch Freeman's Mind 1

    I was still in middle school when my friend recommended the series to me. I'm glad that my cringy, early pubescent years were spent on here rather than a more popular site like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or, God forbid, 4chan.
  21. ThePest179

    Freeman's Mental State

    It's no problem at all man. This is one of the few things I've done on the forums that I'm still proud of. While I'm posting here, I wonder if Freeman's paranoia issues have to do with his excessive drug usage. A quick Google search suggests that crystal meth use causes the onset of paranoia and delusional thinking, so it's possible that this is where some of Freeman's more...out there beliefs (such as believing owls can read his mind) stem from.
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    This doesn't sound that weird to me. My little brother (11 years old) was caught watching hardcore porn on his laptop.
  23. ThePest179


    This is about Pewdiepie, isn't it? I agree with you wholeheartedly on the issue; it's no fucking wonder why Trump can call the media "fake news" when they completely fail at doing their fucking job at every possibly opportunity.
  24. ThePest179


    My friends throw shit at me a lot too. For no God damned reason. Wait, not for no reason, it's because I'm too weak (physically and mentally) to do a fucking thing about it. When I graduate, I've promised myself that I will not make another "friend" for the rest of my miserable fucking life.
  25. ThePest179

    How's the Weather Today?

    It's snowy as shit. School's been cancelled because of it.

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