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  1. Not necessarily. Many learn the workings of relationships through observing their parents, or apply basic social/psychological knowledge to romantic relationships. Just be careful not to overstep on things you are insufficiently versed in. Am I weird for obsessively looking for original prints of records, even when some of the early reissues are just as good?
  2. No. Formality in general is seen by many to be rather boring, dreary, and uptight. It's all personal taste. Am I weird for wanting to do varied dangerous acts such as climbing a suspension bridge pylon or driving a car off a dock purely out of boredom and curiousity?
  3. If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears - The Mamas and the Papas Dunhill D-50006, 1966 pressing, one LP disc Mad Monk's, Telegraph, Berkeley, 6 bucks Beggar's Banquet - The Rolling Stones London PS 539, 1968 pressing, one LP disc Ditto, 8 bucks Cheap Thrills - Big Brother & The Holding Company PC 9700, 1980 pressing (released 1968), one LP disc Ditto, 10 bucks
  4. Banned for draining Europe's economy.
  5. What else do you expect from a Saw movie? The series has been a snorefest from the beginning.
  6. Night is gone, Morning’s long. Find your feet and make the beat. Building’s cold, Smell of mold. What a way to fade the days. Mind is numb, Air is glum. Pass a sheet, rinse and repeat. Time is still, Take a pill. Mad despair, try not to care. Day is done, Rain has come. Earn your pay and die away. Bottled dreams, Silent screams. Dull the pain, forget again. Cry alone, Seeds are sown. Make your peace, a life to lease.​
  7. Aimlessly browsing the internet with a pounding headache.
  8. Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends/Miranda - Phil Ochs (Produced by Larry Marks) A&M 891, pressed 1967, (uncensored) white label, 45 RPM 7" disc. Discogs, 3 bucks; impossible to find elsewhere.
  9. Chatting with a friend late into the night. Kinda hungry.
  10. I found the new Blade Runner to be very good, but I felt like the entire film was buildup and plot to something else. It seemed to end right before the climax. 8/10
  11. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    I prefer physical. I carry a walkman or CD player on my person, and I own hundreds of records on all three major formats. Do you believe in any kind of spiritual current in the universe, or are you mostly just unsure/doubtful of that sort of thing?
  12. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    Plenty, especially because those are the only kinds of crushes I've ever really had. Do you ever sing in the shower?
  13. The Pawnbroker (1964) 10/10, That's the farthest thing from a generous score. If I could go higher, I would. Relentlessly downbeat, absolutely excruciating to watch. The very essence of this film is of pain and desolation. I wouldn't watch it more than once in too soon a time, but for all the right reasons.
  14. Practicing my whistle, getting ready for a nap.
  15. Banned for being a Yankee traitor and desecrating the stars and bars. States' rights forever!
  16. Forgets to add a space after commas,but still types articulated English.
  17. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    Couldn't tell you. Would you rather have Bill Cosby buy you a drink, or get an 18th birthday card from LBJ?
  18. Nothing weird about that, at least by the standards of someone who once made a jam/avocado mixture and put it on a hot dog along with crushed grapes and jalapeno slices. Am I weird for trying to learn the before I even know a basic whistle?
  19. Pasta, once again, with a nice cup of milk. Back on a normal diet. I find it funny how the thing that prevents me from eating and sleeping is also the thing that makes me feel the most energetic. Sure it isn't healthy for me, but... well, it's either that or lithium. Always been kind of sketched out by meds. Still, I might be better off.
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