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  1. Thought I'd drop an ending line, For my heart is giving signs, Feelings that fail to define. It seems it is almost time, To give a dance for a dime, And to make me feel sublime. Deliver me from my mind, Free me from repeating rhymes, And kill me for one last climb.
  2. Lock the shop doors to keep out your customers. My wind-up talking machine has a busted mainspring, but I have no idea how to properly get into the engine in order to fix it, and I'm afraid to break it. How should I proceed?
  3. "Due process is a bullet in these hills, pilgrim."
  4. I'd like to see an E.P. Christy-style minstrel show revival... just without the social justice wackos causing race riots. I think it would be a lot of fun, and you don't necessarily need burnt cork on your face to wear a gaudy tailcoat and sing "Some Folks". People forget there was a lot of good with the bad.
  5. My two favorites are Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. I've seen a lot of others like YYH, Death Note, Elfen Lied, and Hellsing, but none got me quite like those two.
  6. Watching William Buckley talk with Allen Ginsberg on Firing Line.
  7. Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs - Derek and the Dominos (Clapton, Allman) ATCO SD 2-704, 1970 pressing, two 33⅓ long-playing vinyl discs. Amoeba, on Telegraph in Berkeley. Got very lucky; groovy condition for 4 bucks.
  8. Awhile back, I saw a man try to rob a pharmacy with a pool cue, saying he had to castrate some chickens and give them ulcer medication. The clerks chased him away; I followed him. I saw him strip to exotic nylon panties and a pair of Nike Decades, and then run into the hardware store where he warned that the sun was exploding, and that he had to find the toilets. When the law man arrived, he exposed himself and showered the sheriff before he was beaten. He proclaimed that John McCain was the King of the Jungle as he was dragged to the paddy wagon. Later, it began to rain. The streets emptied, and I ran to the shade so that I could watch cars go by. One stopped for me and let me in. I offered him a light and he fanned the flames, then we took off in a spin. The traffic stood still to see if someone had been killed, what a thrill to leave behind. I looked out on the ghetto, watching the floods, expecting an echo from the sailors who steered on the street. Wanting to join them, I put on my bells and paddled away. The city was red with rain, it wouldn't see another day, and it cried with pain. The lonely in disguise looked away from the city and its lies. I couldn't muster a frown, part of me was glad to see it drown. Thank god for the rain, for it will let you alone, drive out the lame, and clear the way home.
  9. Maybe for a time. I've been trying a little harder, recently; forcing out responses. Hopefully, I can get into some kind of groove and I'll find it easy enough to stay, but I tend to go in and out of these phases.
  10. Swanee River (1939) 5.5/10 Got bored a good deal, but Jolson's stage scenes were really good.
  11. Not at all, especially if you watch Law & Order. Am I weird for snapping my fingers next to my ears (repeatedly) at times? I find it to be very comforting.
  12. "People think that pipes grow in their homes, but they sure as hell don't! Look at my knees!"
  13. Hey! I get lonely... As far as sharp knives go, there's a lot of good reason for such a fear. Am I weird for using yogurt instead of mayo to make tuna sandwiches?
  14. As a senior in high school, this is what I generally listen to... By order of what I listen to the most. One can guess that a teenager would like Ochs a bit more than ol' Jolie. Still, that whistle of his would land Al a spot on my list any day of the week. Groovy video.
  15. Nah, I think deterioration of society could be a nice change of pace. I've always been one for freedom before security. Am I weird for talking to and naming the spiders that come up from my bedframe? Some people are terrified of them, but I find them kinda cute. I liked to eat them when I was little.
  16. I can go a long time without eating. It's been about 20 hours since my last meal, and I only now feel hungry enough to get something. Got some pasta, shrimp, and chicken in alfredo sauce with a fine cup of black coffee.
  17. There are times when I'll just stare at a forum until I forget I was there to type something and click off. I am often unable to follow or initiate conversations, both on the internet and in my day-to-day. I am the queen of one-word responses.
  18. Some of my other favorites... (Bet you didn't guess that one.) (Yes, instead of Peter Gabriel. You can crucify me later.)
  19. Nice! Uematsu's compositions were always a big part of what made Final Fantasy for me.
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