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    I associate most hard liquor with very bad memories, drink it rarely, and tend to go for beer when I ask friends to score me something with the money I'll slip them.
  2. Part of me wishes I were a man just so I could post the Spencer Davis song. Though I'm sure someone already has, anyhow.
  3. Nah, I used to do that all the time until loneliness became a more serious problem for me. If it didn't make me feel like shit, I'd do it all hours of the day. Am I weird for attempting to hop a moving tanker car?
  4. No, not really. Am I weird for drawing pictures of my classmates?
  5. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    I've written stories here and there, though my last project (which was the biggest one I'd ever started) had to be retired before completion due to circumstance. Afterwards, I fell into a slump which lasted half a year, and have only just begun my first project since. Otherwise, I do poetry when I'm in the mood. Do you like to sing?
  6. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    20-40 minutes. Baths can take longer. Do you write anything in general?
  7. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    EV26d-mDLpw This version of this song - at the very end, after a bunch of others on that live album had almost brought me to the same point - is the only song that has full-on brought me to tears. At that, yes, I'd say it is my favorite song. Do you ever write poetry?
  8. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    I work with clay, do sketch work, write poetry, and occasionally begin short story projects. Do you ever wander aimlessly around your home, going nowhere but along your thoughts?
  9. Perhaps I'm just too used to rigid attitudes to take anything personally. For me, the difference it makes is whether they get close or not.
  10. I don't know how people can stay angry at anyone for more than a few days unless it's actually serious. In which case, most things can be gotten over in a reasonable stretch of time, like maybe a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It isn't good for your health to hold grudges; you just end up hurting yourself more than you were hurt. The quality of one's life usually improves drastically if they adopt the attitude of hugging everything out before long. Not to say you shouldn't get angry, just that you should get it over with and let bygones be bygones.
  11. Yes, unless you watched them to get you to go to sleep... which I'm sure you ended up doing even if that wasn't your intention. Am I weird for singing Camptown Races and dancing like a stage performer for fun, just roughly fifteen minutes after an hour-long session of crying in bed?
  12. 7/10, Sounds like something I'd throw on a mix with some Def Leppard and that one Stan Bush song from Transformers. BIeGrOo6JDk I picked this one up on the B side of a Decca single (23021). Thought I'd share it.
  13. An Old Antidisestablishmentarianismist
  14. How do you even know the world exists? After all, for something to end, it must at first be, and all you know, the world may not. Everything you see isn't necessarily how it absolutely is, just what you perceive. The sky could be green, dragons might exist, or everything could be a figment of your imagination. Yes, you. You know who you are...
  15. After a long, arduous journey in the search to find meaning, I made a grand discovery. I am, deep inside... a Goliath birdeater. I know, I know, it's hard to handle. But in time, I hope you'll learn to love and accept me for who I am. Don't be afraid, I won't step on you, but I might feed you to my hatchlings.
  16. No, I can survive, at times, on barely anything in a day. Am I weird for going on occasional hiatuses for no other reason but to shut myself out from the world because of a need for a break?
  17. Banned for being a Japanese spy
  18. Poking a dictator of a nuclear nation with a stick and stripping net neutrality are steps in the right direction? He may have talked a good game during the election, but it's different when you're living under his administration. The man doesn't even really do anything, himself; he basically just plays golf and beats his chest while the GOP stooges he appointed run the country further into the ground. What a grand old time it is that our 'democracy' can't even give regular Americans a choice between a business criminal and a political criminal, but have an electoral college make that decision for us.
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