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  1. This currently only links to the free demo, the full paid game is at this link: https://pixelfoot.itch.io/morphe-full
  2. Use your technology that allowed you turn your games and books into logs to solve the worlds forestation problem. I made six cookies, ate four, but now I don't have enough room in my stomach for the last two.
  3. Boil it for a couple days, it should revert back to proper thinking soon after. My sunburn really stings and I can't get to sleep through the pain.
  4. Honestly I kind of feel disconnected from this, despite living only living a state away. Maybe this is kinda horrible to say, but I just don't get the fuss over all of this. I guess I'm either desensitized from it happening so often these days, or just don't feel like it could happen to me. I feel like this situation doesn't affect me. You know what does affect me though? When I drive to and from work there is a sign that lists the number of car related deaths that have occurred in my state so far this year. So far its up to 620. It's basically averaged a hundred deaths each month. I have to drive a lot and have had my share of close calls, and I live in higher population area, which means higher chance of getting in an accident. When I look at this in light of the bigger picture I don't see the point in getting caught up in feeling sad or angry about what happened. Bad things happen and all you really can do is move on and try to live your life. because if you hold onto those feelings of hate or sadness, it'll consume you, and you'll never move beyond it, you'll become someone haunted by the past instead of living for the future. I don't know, maybe I'm just rambling, but that's how I feel on the issue.
  5. 1. prisoners 2. love 3. calisthenics 4. Toby Mcguire 5. Stalin
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/daseril Right now the only multiplayer games I play are warframe and maybe gang beasts.
  7. Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone 4LeSFBy2bZU
  8. I'm reading this as, if for example the lowest faction has 30% of the population then the highest faction cant make up over 40% of the population... but now that I think about it that opens a bunch of problems, because what if the lowest faction is at 25%? then the highest a faction could host would be 35% and then it would leave 5% unaccounted for. This just sounds like it limits the game in the large scale battle opportunities.
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