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Games you got recently

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~~~Be advised, while none of the content in this post is necessarily NSFW, it may still make the reader uncomfortable or be potentially compromising in the wrong setting. Because of this, the entire remainder of the post will be placed in spoiler tags~~~


Possibly the finest work of art in the form of interactive media that our generation will ever witness. I mean, look at how incredibly absorbing and enthralling the artwork from the game is:








In addition, the dialogue options are truly some of the most articulate and inspired I've ever seen in a game like this.








In actuality the puzzle part of it, which is only a hair's breadth different from the mechanics of Candy Crush, is pretty cognitively stimulating, but the rest of it is just weeaboo fap bait.


If you want to hear about my personal experience, I bumped uglies with the kinky Asian Physics professor first and am now attempting to get in bed with the spunky but studious blonde cheerleader.


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Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Crew

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Wolfenstein: The New Order


All for PS4.

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-Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens (not a bad little game if you are a RT Fan)


and i finally broke down and got Kerbel Space Program

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.


Edit 2/23:


Dying Light. I was skeptical about this game but what I've seen looked fun.

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It's like DayZ with a budget, but it's still fun to play with a group of friends. There's like 6 of us so it get's crazy.

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