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If you made a machinima, what would it be about.

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After not posting things for a while I decided to make this!


So if you had the tools and the crew to make a machinima.

What game would it be, what would it be about.

--------My Machinima----------


For me I am going to make a machinima, and It is called stranded.

Yes the title is bland and some what unoriginal but who gives two shits :D

It will be based in halo reach. For reasons that halo reach is easy to work with

and the fact my computer would implode if I tried to make a gmod machinima.

So it is about two spartan trainers who.... well you know train spartans.

So on a regular off day one of the trainers codenamed "Loner" (Thats the best I got sorry.) goes out and sees a covenant cruiser idleing in the distance.

So the rest of the script is being written, and it is about battling Paranoia and the covenant in order to survive being stranded.

It is in pre-production and will be done sometime this year.

And I really hope it turns out good. Because god dammit I really need to step up my game on making machinimas.

-------The end of my Machinima Nonsense----------

So go ahead and let your creativity spill out on this thread. Or just think of something.

Also Even if the game is impossible to made into a machinima (Gears of Wars, ECT.)

You can mod it to be compatible to do whatever you want.



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Unfortunately I would be a terrible machinima director or writer... I'd be an ok voice actor though.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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A Futuristic Western, I like westerns OR something based on Star Trek. :ugeek: although I have a feeling my ideas would just end up very corny.

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It would be in the same sort of feel of the movie Valkyrie or A Few Good Men.

Made with the Source Engine, it would be about how 'The Resistance' after the [inevitable?] defeat of the Combine becomes a Government to establish a Sovereign nation and organizes an Army to continue stabilizing the Earth by way of eliminating rogue Combine cells or enclaves, and population control of Antlions.

In addition to other concerns that such a Government would have, such as the re-creation of industrial, scientific, artistic and academic capacities, and food.

Conflict would arise from miscommunication between languages and cultural barriers that have been disorted because of the displacement of people (for example, the fact that north american anglophones now inhabit eastern europe, which probably spells out a lot of cultural and social stirring).

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now that would be interesting.

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Even with as much as I've thought about such a concept, there are still a lot of question marks that could be asked about how other cultures would respond to a request of peace and unity after a conflict such as the Combine War, and what a new World Nation would look like socially. (Or militarily)

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it would be about how 'The Resistance' after the [inevitable?] defeat of the Combine becomes a Government to establish a Sovereign nation and organizes an Army to continue stabilizing the Earth by way of eliminating rogue Combine cells or enclaves, and population control of Antlions.


There already is a machinima series about precisely that: http://lambdageneration.com/posts/vae-victis-machinima-series/



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Well in my fiction of post-combine, antlions are a non-issue with the exception of wild ones, seeing as the presence of Vortigaunts would probably enable a great deal of domestication- and possible consequent industrialization.

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It would be something stupid Gmod TF2 video with sounds elements from cartoons and movies. Totally random video.

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There are several I have in mind but only a couple that can be made with what I currently have access to. The following is one of those:


I have an idea for a mind series type of machinima that involves multiple individuals. Basically, take a co-op game e.g. Borderlands and have 4 people all recording their respective screens with fraps or whatever. During voice recording, each character can either think to themselves or be having a conversation with their partners. The trick is, depending on which screen you're looking at, you may hear different things. So for example, if 2 characters start by having a conversation together, both screens would simply have the same dialogue but looking at different from different angles. But if they then separate for a little bit, they would have their own monologues and perhaps you might hear the other guy's speech in a quieter voice since it's far away.


The biggest problem with this kind of mind series is organisation, which would be a nightmare. Also, the voice syncing between the 4 players would be a nightmare. Effectively, each episode would also require 4 videos (1 per character). The best way to imagine this would be watching the crossover episode between Barney's Mind and Shephard's Mind.







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Hmmm. Probably something Fallout themed, because I absolutely love Fallout. If not that, probably some Machinima about the Rebels fighting the Combine. If I made one, I'd like it to be a serious one, no stupid jokes or memes. For the Half-Life one, I'd make it from the perspective of the regular guys, fighting and dying in districts of City 17 away from where the game takes you. This'll probably never get made, but if it does, I'd hope to have a certain someone who does an abosolute brilliant job of playing Gordon Freeman in a few episodes. I probably have the means to make this, too, considering I have friends who would likely commit to this, and I could use Fraps, I guess, to record it all. The Fallout themed one would be about an NCR Ranger. The story would probably start in 2270, and detail his rise from Trooper to Ranger, and the battle at Hoover Dam. I have a massive amount of Fallout stuff in Gmod, so this could also be plausible. Tell me what you think. Are these good ideas or bad ideas? I'd just like some general feedback.

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As cliché as this might sound I'd like to make a machinima about the 7 hour war with some sort of documentary style, like the 9/11 ones on the History Channel (home made footage, people on the streets, views from suburban areas and civilians' reactions combined with vlogs from soliders from armies all around the US, people in their safehouses hearing the news through the Radio and/or TV... As well as some footage from CNN or a BIG news channel with something like ''IS THIS BLACK MESA'S FAULT?'' as a headline.

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An erotic story about love blooming between two young boys at a French boarding school in the mid 1850s..

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something about french and indian war or revolutionary.

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Well, I've already got a machinima in the advanced planning stage, though Gods knows when it will actually be made. I will be using Halo Reach/Halo 4/latest Halo title.


TITLE: Captain and the Rookie


GENRE: Humor/Adventure


PLOT: Some time after the Human/Covenant war, insurrection broke out again on a scale larger than ever. A vast amount of the remaining human planets and military assets allied under a single banner against the UNSC. Bloody war broke out, and has raged for five years so far. On a remote outpost on a remote world in an even remoter system, a small UNSC outpost stands.


Her crew is Delta 4-0 on paper, but is more commonly known as Dreg squad. Several dozen below-than-average soldiers entrenched a mile away from an equally unimpressive Rebel base. Most of the troops don’t know why they’re there, nor do they care. The biggest concern is usually the quality of whiskey from the still.


Delta 4-0 has some unique oddballs amongst them for sure. Sergeant Johnson, a strange old soldier with a mysterious and brutal past with various shadowy military organizations. Larry, Johnsons old comrade-in-arms and resident pyromaniac, bat shit insane to a high degree.


Then, one day, things start happening. Captain Mark Lawrence, retreating from the blasted remains of his own base, crashes near bye. With no evac coming for him, he assumes command. He has no idea the absolute vitality of his unit, or the secret they are there to protect.




Captain Mark Lawrence: He’s bold, he tough, he’s loud, and that’s about it. A true-blue heroic soldier’s soldier, he fought a dozen battles and lost every one. His old outpost suffered an attack by Rebel forces who overcame defences in seconds before flooding the base and killing everyone. Captain managed to escape in a Falcon, which he didn’t know how to fly, and crashed after blowing out the engines in an attempt to shut off the radio. His strategic abilities, while brilliant on paper, are generally unfeasible and all upon unavailable resources and human shields. He harbors a deep hatred for Private Fisher on grounds of him being “Too normal.”


Sergeant Johnson: John Jonathan Johnson, sold survivors of the infamous Johnson clan of mercenaries and born of Joana Johnson and John Johnson XXIII. Call him ‘JJ’ and he’ll rip your liver out. One of the best snipers alive, he’s a veteran of the rebellion, along with many other smaller conflicts, and is close friends with Pyro and Larry, the three being the only survivors of the mysterious Black Pyrrhus organization. Like the others, he is, to an extent, crazy with PTSD.


Villick Kilagyo: Better known as Pyro due to a few solitary uses of arson during his short-lived crime spree. He despises the nickname and the reputation he is tagged with, often exclaiming wildly that Larry, an obvious pyromaniac, should have the title and not him. Pyro is of Trinidadian/Swiss origin.


His backstory is complicated to say the least. He served with an ODST SOG unit during the opening of the Rebellion before quitting after he was declared officially dead. (His wallet was stolen, forcing him to cancel every piece of his identification) he eventually got his status back to life, just in time for him to accidentally rear-end someone on a highway after five shots of vodka. All five passengers had severe injuries and the ruling forced him to pay for their medical costs. After a month of this, he decided that bullets were cheaper and managed to anonymously murder three before being caught. By the Pope, who blackmailed him into service.


The next ten years of his life were spent “Cleaning God’s earth of Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other undesirables.” Following this all, he was blackmailed once again into another service, this time with the black operations unit Black Pyrrhus. What happened is uncertain, but out of the fifteen members not KIA/MIA; Pyro, Larry, and Johnson were the only ones not to commit suicide.


He arrived at the base later in the show as part of the reinforcements sent in to help take the heavily fortified high ground held by the Jehovah’s Witness/Mime Military Coalition. Most of the reinforcements died in that bloody battle. After that, he mainly sits around the base making the most heinous moonshine known to man.


Best friends with Johnson and, later, with Joseph.


Joseph McClauffer: Close friends of Pyro. Found later in the series being chased by the police. Pyro scared the cops off and took Joseph to their base where he stayed to due to the lack of an explosives expert. When asked why he was on the run, he admitted to constructing and selling bombs to terrorists, by accident though. He has access to a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ordinance, including nuclear warheads. He also possesses a PhD in chemistry, much to everyone’s surprise.


“Why are you all so surprised?” He says. “I make bombs for a living.”


Joseph is quite focused on his jobs, and usually fails to think ahead at all. This is evident in his various contraptions, including the car-theft security system which detonated the fuel tank.


Private Jonathan Fisher: Totally, utterly, and completely, normal. He came from an average family and got average grades. He’s a good soldier, but not really good. He’s a good shot, but not great. He’s a smart guy, but not that smart. In fact, his only outstanding ability is a complete lack of ability to drive any vehicle anywhere, and to always rear-end the same guy every time. He is the object of most of Captains ribbing and murder attempts, which he undergoes haplessly.


The various health Inspectors: Four health inspectors have been killed by the Dregs, three of those four were killed after nagging them to clean up the body (or bodies) of the previously killed health inspectors.

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