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Describe the person above you in one word

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Shme? what you mean? Also as for P.P. you're hyper.

It is a word me and my frends use, it can mean any thing you whant it to, it all depends on you tone, and all that other stuff, we even have hole conversations using it alone.


No NO no n0 n() N() N0, just no, 'cause Adaba'ou already means that.



As for P.P. hyper.

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And you just made me realize that I have nothing brony-related in my Avatar or title, and only a Derpy quote in my sig. And honestly, I'd leave that there even if I took out the quotation marks; I still believe it wholeheartedly.

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Really you're getting pretty close to Ross's rep surprisingly, it's a good thing I think

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