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Things you got recently

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If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears - The Mamas and the Papas

Dunhill D-50006, 1966 pressing, one LP disc

Mad Monk's, Telegraph, Berkeley, 6 bucks


Beggar's Banquet - The Rolling Stones

London PS 539, 1968 pressing, one LP disc

Ditto, 8 bucks


Cheap Thrills - Big Brother & The Holding Company

PC 9700, 1980 pressing (released 1968), one LP disc

Ditto, 10 bucks

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Lester Leaps In/Seamen's Mission - Ronnie Scott Orchestra (with Phil Seamen and Victor Feldman on drums)

Esquire ‎- EP 31, 1955 pressing, 45 RPM vinyl disc

Discogs, $11


Benny Goodman Rides Again - Benny Goodman

Capitol - BD-57, 1947 pressing, four 78 RPM shellac discs (has 'Chicago' on side seven)

Discogs, $20


Blue Ghost Blues/Life Saver Blues - Lonnie Johnson

Okeh - 8557, 1927 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Ebay (Only two of these ever circulated, one sold twice), $24


Bewildered/I Know It's Love - Lonnie Johnson

King - 4261, 1948 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Discogs, $20


Les Yeux Noirs/Nuages - Quintette Du Hot Club De France (has Django Reinhardt)

Swing ‎- SW. 88, 1940 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Discogs, $21


Limehouse Blues/I Got Rhythm - Stephane Grappelly (Grappelli) And His Hot Four (also has Django)

Decca - F.5780, 1935 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Discogs, $20


Dirty Hands Dirty Face/My Mammy - Al Jolson

Brunswick 3912, 1928 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Ebay, $16


I'm Sitting On Top Of The World / Waiting For The Robert E. Lee - Al Jolson

Brunswick ‎- 03851, 1948 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Discogs, $5


Lied Eines Jungen Wachtpostens (Lili Marleen)/Drei Rote Rosen - Lale Andersen

His Master's Voice - E.G.6993, 1941 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Discogs, $28


The Gypsy Davy/Barbara Allen - Woody Guthrie/Rebecca Tarwater

Library Of Congress - AAFS 2, 1942 pressing, 78 RPM vinyl disc

Discogs, $50


Painting The Clouds With Sunshine/Tip-Toe Through The Tulips - Jack Hylton And His Orchestra

His Master's Voice - B 5722, 1929 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Discogs, $9


I'll Do My Best To make You Happy/Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Orchestra (with Al Bowlly)

His Master's Voice ‎- B.6245, 1932 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Discogs, $45


Midnight, The Stars And You/An Hour Ago This Minute - Ray Noble And His Orchestra ‎(Al Bowlly)

Victor ‎– 24700, 1934 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc

Ebay, $350


I've had money to spend (as well as time), and some of these were just too rare to let go. My aspirations to get my hands on that last one was what got me into record collecting, so I don't regret it. My wallet hurts, but my heart (and ears) tell me it was all worth it.

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I recently bought a new lightning cable for my phone. Old one was in really bad shape. The hole that appeared on it I forget how long ago was getting bigger and turning some sort of bluish green. Not sure why it was turning bluish-green, but I found it disturbing, so once I received the new cable, I threw the old one away.


I also bought some weapons and a hat on Team Fortress 2. And some name tags to rename some of my weapons. So during Mann VS Machine sessions with my best friend, I'm healing him and the rest of the crew with a Kritzkrieg named "The Velvet Remedy". Partially because I find it fitting, partially to piss said best friend off because he thinks Fallout: Equestria is overhyped. :lol: I recently finished that story.

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An Ozobot Bit, and a copy of The Intellectual Devotional. Both from Barnes & Noble.


The former was intended for some robotics camp my family and I are hosting, and the latter my mom bought because she thought of me when she saw it. Figured I'd use it for its intended purpose and see where things go from there.

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Rubik's Cube.


Could never solve one of these to save my life... Maybe that will change.

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Added some of the following to my wishlist, kinda at least 1 or 2 of them go on sale on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


Audio-technica M40x studio monitor headphones - ~$99




ASUS AC2900 (RT-AC86U) router ~$179




Roku Streaming Stick ~$29.99




Then perhaps a non-smart Samsung TV from a pawnshop ~48" under $200


Some new hood lifts for my car x2 ~$22


Some Iridium spark plugs ~$10 ea.


A mattress <$700


& lastly some fragrances

Vintage Green, Leather Reserve, Pure White, Black Platinum, Oud Mosaic




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Those M40Xs seem to be using some custom pads on the photo. Are you also going for the custom pads? I've heard that can improve their audio a lot (and those are really good by themselves)

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I got myself some christmas presents :)
I bought an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and AMP combo for my headphones along with the Apple CCK to connect it to my iPhone. The combo was about $130: 


It's not much of an upgrade from my iPhone's included adapter for headphones but I didn't really know that until after I bought it. I might be getting an Oppo HA2 now. It does make the sound a bit fuller and i head tiny specs of detail that weren't there before but it's not that much of an upgrade sadly. Still, a good product that has its uses. I'm certain it is better than my on board audio codec but not by much :l not the best purchase ever lol.


I also got me a new essential oils diffuser. I have a doterra petal that an ex gifted me but it's been malfunctioning. I bought spare parts online and tried to repair it and it's better than before but nowhere near as good as it was when I first got it so I got a new one. It's the Smiley Daisy Hibiscus. It's been a killer performer for now. $43: 


And also got me a Bluetooth speaker, the Anker Soundcore Motion B. The Soundcore 2 was in a couple of best bluetooth speakers for under $50 so I picked up this updated model. It is a very good performer and very, very loud. The battery life is great. it has bass emphasis but it's not too much, it suits its purpose. I needed something to listen to music in the shower and on trips and my phone's speaker wasnt cutting it. 




I'm pretty happy with everything except the audioquest dragonfly black. I'll be upgrading from it as soon as I can. It's good but not what I was looking for. 

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That's a glorious ass keyboard my friend. I'm more into tenkeyless but damn, that volume knob is sexy. 

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So, I got a card game (Sushi Go!), a Spider-man shirt (legit cool), jeans, wallet (perfect, seeing as my last one was dying), jeans, Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive volume 2, and C.S Lewis Perelandra.

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