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Videochat July 2016

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Well I would have put this video off if it wasn't already pre-planned since I'm in the middle of working on others, but here it is. The short version is more Game Dungeons are coming soon! I don't have a 4th of July video planned this year I'm afraid, though I hope to again eventually. Expect a new Game Dungeon in a couple days, and more after that. More videos! Aaaaaah



The next videochat will be on August 7th at 4pm EST.



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i love videochats, but since its basically AF podcast, i'd reccommend having audio-only version of it as well

Jack O'Neill: "You know Teal'c, if we dont find a way out of this soon, im gonna lose it. Lose it... it means go crazy. nuts. insane. bonzo. no longer in possession of ones faculties. 3 fries short of a happy meal. WACKO!!!!!!!!"

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Hey Ross I might have a sensitive question which I'm totally cool with you not answering. What I'm wondering is ever since you made the video asking for donations you've been frequently getting around $2000 every month. How has this affected your life? I understand that it's still not that much money but compared to what you've been getting before you started getting regular donations in October last year I'd imagine that it's quite different. Do you still eat as cheap as possible as you did before? Are you as worried financially? Are you still saving as much as possible like you did before?


In short I'd just like to know how your life has changed (as much as you're comfortable to tell) since you started receiving money monthly.

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One of the things Ross mentioned in the video chat is that he's losing subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Now, I don't normally watch PewDiePie's channel (can't stand the guy) but I do watch jacksepticeye's channel so this was one of the "related" videos:






Evidently, it seems this is happening to a lot of people. What gives, YouTube?

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maybe they just remove bots or dead accounts? cant think of any other reason atm

Jack O'Neill: "You know Teal'c, if we dont find a way out of this soon, im gonna lose it. Lose it... it means go crazy. nuts. insane. bonzo. no longer in possession of ones faculties. 3 fries short of a happy meal. WACKO!!!!!!!!"

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As ever I enjoyed this video chat immensely Ross, thanks for answering all of my peculiar questions again. Allow me to apologize for the attendant "rustling intensifies" gifs I've made of your face for this post, but I somehow always manage to accidentally pause your videos at the serendipitous moments. Provided you don't mind indulging me yet again, I have some more questions for you.


1. In the last videochat you were asked a question regarding the recent World of Warcraft film, and expressed your preference for the more brutally one-dimensional "Greenskin" orkz of Warhammer over the former franchises more nuanced and human-like orcs. It got me thinking about my experiences playing Dungeons & Dragons and my predilection for playing characters that have unusual and/or unlikely class and race combinations (think Dwarf Wizards or Half-Orc Bards), characters raised in a different species community, as well as monster characters that buck the evil tendencies of their race. To summarize, what do you think of non-human fantasy characters that are atypical for their kind? Whether it's in terms of personality, occupation, outward appearance or any combination thereof?


2. On the subject of Grickle, have you read any of Graham Annable's comics? I recently came across one called Burden in a 2008 edition of a book series called The Best American Comics. Have you read this one?


3. Of all of the seven deadly sins which would you say you are most guilty of? Feel free to pick any number or combination of sins.


4. You've got the choice to be bestest ever friends with either a Revenant or a Hell Knight from the Doom series. Who do you pick to be your "B.F.F.4eva!" and what would you name him/her/it?


5. I read the following statement in games™ Magazine in an article written by Dan Pinchbeck, who is the creative director of the development team The Chinese Room. Given that I respect your opinion I was just wondering if you have anything to say about it:

"Sometimes it feels like the best business model for a start-up is to make just enough game to get onto Early Access and never plan on finishing the thing. It's cheaper and easier to make the first quarter of the game than the last 10%, and you can make a decent chunk of money with less risk doing that than committing to the full thing. Not over and over, people aren't that dumb but... when you combine this with the continued race to the bottom in terms of how much people are prepared to pay for media, you've got a pretty toxic combination."


One of the things Ross mentioned in the video chat is that he's losing subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Now, I don't normally watch PewDiePie's channel (can't stand the guy) but I do watch jacksepticeye's channel so this was one of the "related" videos:






Evidently, it seems this is happening to a lot of people. What gives, YouTube?

The Youtuber Alchestbreach recently announced that he had a bunch of subscribers wiped and not having much of an explanation as to why. As much as I love spending time there, Youtube baffles me to no end.




^ Sometimes life makes more sense when you just over-rustle gifs...

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When close friends speak ill of close friends

they pass their abuse from ear to ear

in dying whispers -

even now, when prayers are no longer prayed.

What sounds like violent coughing

turns out to be laughter.

Shuntarō Tanikawa

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=== Questions for the next video chat session ===


1) What is your opinion about the Ace Attorney series of adventure games?


2) Have you had any story ideas set in the Left 4 Dead world?


3) The reason why you answer certain e-mails is obivously due to their importance. Why do you spend so much time and effort answering messages from various strangers like us? Things will only scale more out of proportion as you gain more fans and grow more difficult with time with this approach. What will happen if you ever reach the breaking point where continuing with individual correspondences is unfeasible?

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I was rewatching the test drive 3 episode and I noticed that the music seems to be playing at normal speed even though you had it on a faster clock speed. Was I mishearing? Is that normal for cpu timed games?

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If you could instantly learn new skills and knowledge by eating people, would you do it? Take your time to consider an answer it's a moral conundrum.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

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Hi Ross, you mentioned in the Bozo episode of Game Dungeon that one of your friends got so drunk on St. Paddy's day that he thought the Russians killed his wife. Do you have any experiences of your own that are similar to your friends? Also, what TV/Movies did you watch while you were a child, and if you can remember, what was one of your favorite toys when you weren't gaming?


Sincerely, Joe

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Hey Ross, do you think that social media has turned the Internet into a more hostile place than it was a decade ago?

Life is funny. Except when it's unfunny.

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Hey Ross, I recently posted a topic about doing a Gordon Freeman cosplay in the style of Freeman's Mind.

Since I'm too cheap to build a papercraft HEV suit, I'm using Gordon's lab attire but without a tie as a reference to Episode 2. I've also gotten a few pointers from other people on how to match the attitude and quick humor in the show. Do you have any other pointers for Freeman's Mind Freeman that you think would match his visual and mental personality?

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Time index



00:55 – why next Game Dungeon is late

02:05 – plans to start reviewing the Deus Ex trilogy

02:40 – upcoming follow-up video for the VR Ross's Rants

03:42 – Dead Game News episode also planned

04:02 – suggestions for the Accursed Farms website design welcome

04:25 – e-mails

18:52 – Ross lost 6,000 subscribers (about 4.5%) overnight, check if Google unsubscribed you against your will

29:31 – plans for a Twitch session of Supreme Commander on Hard mode with one life

33:30 – Ross's current financial situation

36:15 – next Planetside 2 session + shutting down the first Planetside


Pre-submitted questions

05:10 – popularity of point-and-click graphic adventure games have returned, do other defunct genres have a chance (like FMV) and are they worth resurrecting

06:24 – annoying characters in video games

08:05 – what non-human fantasy race would Ross belong to

08:39 – comment the following quote: “I believe reality exists so we can speculate about it”

09:38 – would Ross join a crusade to vanquish Dracula

10:42 – Ross's theological beliefs

12:01 – why Mad Max is so popular

12:58 – would Ross join Freedom or Duty in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

13:53 – what faction of Supreme Commander Ross prefers, ideologically and mechanically

15:24 – VR question

15:39 – why Ross lacks enthusiasm about Half-Life

15:50 – Konami cancelled Silent Hills, new Resident Evil jumped on the FPS bandwagon, is this a conspiracy? + talk about scary games

18:29 – more questions about Half-Life

20:23 – is Ross interested in Warcraft movie

23:05 – U.S. marines opened a portal to Hell. What would happen?

24:47 – what aspect matters more: the person's voice or tone? (Comparing Ross to Yahtzee)

26:06 – thoughts on publishers killing genres, e.g. Blizzard's World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2 suppressed corresponding genres and prevented more such games from being born

28:36 – how good is Ross at real time strategies

29:54 – what game genre is Ross worst at

31:12 – question about the website

31:20 – thoughts on the System Shock reboot

32:35 – Grickle has set up a Patreon

34:31 – Ross's soul contracts

34:56 – when is The Movie coming

35:04 – plans to get music for The Movie

35:47 – is Ross a fan of Hurge's work (?) and in what respects does Ross identify with Action Man (?)


Live chat questions

37:40 – thoughts on Raziel from Legacy of Kain

38:50 – thoughts on the remastered Bioshock collection

39:20 – does Ross still live on a beans diet

39:41 – will Ross ever finish The Secret World

40:46 – question about turn-based combat and how Ross got through it in Fallout

41:14 – procedurally generated game worlds vs hand-made game worlds

42:12 – request for a video about old demoscene music and composers

43:36 – game sessions with fans in Mount & Blade Warband

44:12 – had Ross been running a cult before

44:44 – opinion on Fallout 4 + favorite game in post-apocalyptic setting

45:55 – can Ross make videos at least once a month or once every 6 weeks

48:43 – least favourite game covered on Game Dungeon

49:22 – Ross's headphones and keyboard

51:05 – does Ross need more videogame footage

51:34 – did Ross's move to Poland affect his ability to produce content

52:12 – what makes a good villain (manipulative vs chaotic)

54:20 – how Ross met Craig Mengel and realized that he would be a good fit for Dave

55:05 – what was the last game that Ross played on launch

57:14 – question about Gothic

57:22 – opinion on Steep

58:14 – how much time Ross spends on The Movie

58:59 – which ending Ross picked in Fallout New Vegas

1:00:03 – is Ross interested in Dark Souls games

1:01:05 – opinion on combat-less horror games

1:02:40 – warrior, mage, or thief?

1:02:58 – why Ross has his window covered with curtains

1:03:19 – suggestion to drop all projects and start a Minecraft let's play channel

1:03:48 – requirements for the gameplay footage for Twitch videochats and Dead Game News

1:04:32 – does Ross have issues with procrastination

1:05:25 – did Ross consider hiring an assistant

1:05:54 – advices for a recently started part-time worker

1:07:05 – what's lying on a shelf behind Ross + talk on issues of recording videogames

1:08:07 – does Ross play driving games just for the driving + opinion on Spintires

1:08:40 – opinion on Skyrim Special Edition

1:09:41 – Ross's education

1:10:02 – thoughts on minimalistic user interfaces in video games

1:10:56 – recommendations for a single-player collectible card game

1:12:12 – does Ross like sim racing games

1:13:33 – does Ross consider himself a workaholic

1:14:29 – advice to get one's first game out noticed

1:17:26 – question about computer brands (MSI vs Asus)

1:18:02 – studio tour

1:19:01 – opinion on Civil Protection episode animation by CDJO + will Ross accept assistance with animation

1:20:12 – does Ross create his own assets (textures and materials) for The Movie

1:20:42 – opinion on timed exclusives

1:21:52 – what weapon would Ross use to defend against a burglar

1:23:10 – Ross's studio tour vs MTV Cribs

1:24:12 – did Ross ever try to speedrun a videogame

1:25:42 – did Ross ever watch a movie or play a game so scary he didn't want to play and had to force himself through

1:26:35 – which Game Dungeon game was Ross most impressed by

1:28:41 – what video Ross enjoyed making the most

1:31:26 – is there a game that Ross wanted to cover in Game Dungeon but someone already did a better job

1:32:29 – did Ross watch any movies recently (also 1:34:19)

1:34:03 – question about side effects of time traveling

1:35:29 – is Ross ready for alien contact

1:35:33 – should we sacrifice Kanye West to the aliens

1:37:05 – advice on whether to read the Rama books

1:37:52 – did Ross see The Expanse

1:38:03 – is there a chance to meet alien cats or dogs instead of alien people during first contact


1:38:50 – conclusion

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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