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Questions for October Video Chat

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It seems that there hasn't been many questions submitted yet for the October video chat. Please post your questions here as soon as you can so I can get them to Ross.



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Ross, while doing those three Game Dungeons for first Deus Ex, Invisible War and Human Revolution, respectively, have you encountered any technical issues, like slowdowns, errors, graphical glitches, etc.?

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@danielsangeo Alright here's my questions. Also could please get back to me? I've PMed you twice and you haven't responded.


What is your opinion on modern AAA titles? Judging from your Game Dungeon videos for Wolfenstein(2009) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution you don't seem to be very fond of them. I'm not complaining as I'm not fond of them either. I think it's evident that the priorities of AAA Publishers and Developers have shifted away from making fun, enjoyable games with substance to making over glorified hypetrains with false promises and microtransactions.


Ross I'm really confused as to where you stand on turn-based combat. You say you can't stand it yet in your Game Dungeon video for Revenant you site that you've played 4 turn based RPGs to completion Fallout, Fallout 2, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. It seems to me that you were able to tolerate the turn based combat in those games to some degree otherwise you wouldn't have played them to completion. Are you sure that you hate turn based combat 100% or just certain aspects of it?


Do you write scripts for your Game Dungeon videos or is everything straight off the cuff? I honestly have a hard time telling because your dialogue in those videos always comes across as natural and believable. Like when your enthusiastic about a game I can feel it and it feels real.

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First of, a friendly reminder that the next videochat will be on Oct 1st, 4pm EST, and videochats will be Saturdays from now on.


1) Half of a year ago you said that you managed to get in contact with CD Projekt, and asked them about using the Witcher assets in The Movie. Did it work out?

2) Several times you said that you are going to set up a motion capture system to reduce the animation work. As far as I know, motion capture is a sophisticated technology which requires expensive equipment. How are you planning to do this?

3) Last year Mother Russia Bleeds got to the top position of your most anticipated games list. It was released a couple of weeks ago and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Did you try it yet? If no, are going to wait until its price is lowered during sale?

4) What inventions/things/etc do you consider to be a proof of human genius? I don't mean stock answers like "electricity", "Internet", etc. I mean things that _you_ look at and think "whoa, you have to be absolutely genius to come up with this". (E.g. I got such impression when I was examining the mechanism of Isaac Singer's sewing machine).

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Hi Ross! I have Several questions.


1. Youtube has introduced yet another new system called Youtube Heroes. It does appear to have one or two nice features such as adding subtitles and directly contacting youtube staff but on the whole it looks to be a really bad idea as youtube is trying to make a rather unreliable community to be mods for the whole site. Giving said heroes powers such as mass flagging videos that are considered inappropriate or violate site rules. What's to keep the heroes from abusing the power or simply using it to go after someone they don't like?


Here's a couple of links with some info:







2. I know a while back you mentioned that you and Clint (LGR) were thinking of doing a crossover review at some point. Well if you guy's haven't come up with one yet then I was thinking that for this Halloween you guys could Cover Diablo 1 and the sort of unoffical Expansion pack Hellfire which I doubt most people have heard about.


3. Ross have you heard about the new massive Windows 10 update this November? What do you think of it?


4.Are there other games besides Deus Ex that have accurately or eerily predicted future events or did a good job covering current ones?


5. Ross what do you think of vivendi universal trying to take over Ubisoft? Do you think that would be a good thing or a bad thing? Or do you have no opinion on it?


6. Will you consider covering Deus Ex The Fall or Mankind Divided at a future time. (Maybe a few years?) If anything I would like to hear your thoughts on them and they don't even need to be a full review.


7. What do you think of Steam Greenlight? Was there any games that you supported or found interesting there? Do you feel like the service is salvageable or a lost cause?


8. What is Polish TV like? Is it any good?


9. Will you cover Myst at some point or at least the version called realMyst? I've looked and can hardly find any reviews for it anywhere and the ones I do are for the masterpiece edition which is different.


10. What are some good single player mods that you would recommend off the top of your head?

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1) What would be your Freeman's favorite video game?


2) Do you have any physical ticks (habits) that you notice about yourself, like scratching your head when you're confused?


3) If you had experience in making video games, what sort of game would you create?


4) If you ever have the chance to participate in a battle from any time period, what type of soldier would you be?


5) Sword, mace, or axe (or any other melee weapon, like tonfa)?


6) What classification of magical powers would you most enjoy, like telekinesis or geomancy?


7) If you were the leader of a cult, what would its name be and how would it worship you or your designate?


8) If you had the time or interest, what sort of musical instrument would you most like to play?

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Hey Ross, Your awesome.

My questions:


1. Which part of the editing process do you hate the most? and vice versa?


2. Do you get invited to other YouTube channels/shows a lot? I would like to see you more on other peoples shows.


3. Do you think maybe you could do a one off special on application dungeon? for either a very strange obscure but interesting application or something just awesome and interesting that you tried once?


Loved the deus ex videos and even your posts in the forum. Points well made.

Thank you.

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=== Questions for Ross ===


1) What are some of your favorite games from Sierra Online?


2) A few times before, you mentioned you want to see the difference between PC vs console FPS's with keyboard and mouse versus gamepad controllers. Do you still? If so, look to Quake III Arena for Dreamcast and PC. To help the comparison along, the Dreamcast version supports both gamepads and mouse & keyboard for input. Just set up a server and there you go! Perhaps a fan can take care of the comparison for you by sharing a video online.


3) Do you know about the new King's Quest game which launched in an episodic format in 2015? If so, will you be playing it? If you have, what's your opinion on it? What do you think about episodic gaming? How about "game re-imagings" in general?


4) In fiction, magical powers and supernatural creatures are often just super powers and super heroes/villains with no limitations nor downsides, but this flies in the face of the whole pro versus con that usually goes with real world attributes such as a weightlifter being strong but not fast. What sort of offset should magic and the supernatural have to balance them out within their respective works? Should it be something like negative health effects, e.g. the more a warlock teleports, the more exhausted he gets, possibly causing him to collapse into unconsciousness; or a werewolf gets addicted to the adrenaline rush of the transformation process?


5) What are your thoughts about the Professor Layton series?


6) Are zombies overdone in popular media at this point? Is it time to go "post zombie," not eliminating their presence completely but perhaps dialing down the number of times they appear and/or being more creative about things?

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Hey Ross, I hope you are cool with me downloading your game dungeon vids and listening to them at work. I work in a recycling factory and your vids make it a little more tolerable when I'm doing my 12hour nightshift.

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Ok, I came up with another one, hope it's not too late.


Several times you've shown us game maps constructed from separate screenshots, e.g. in the Revenant and Spiderbot episodes. Making separate screenshots and then seamlessly merging them together in image editor seems like a cruel murder of time, even for such a "map maniac" as you. So I guess you use some kind of auto-stitching software which follows the picture on your screen and updates the "big screenshot" on the go. What is this program?

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I'm trying to introduce my friends to your videos, specifically game dungeon, is there any episode in particular you feel would be a good introduction since game dungeon isn't chronological like freeman's mind?

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