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I dunno. I feel it's pretty much a gradient there, as with the other generation names listed.


Regardless! I have completed typing up the subtitles for this Game Dungeon, and I have finished placing markers where the text should appear and disappear. I ran out of time this morning to line up the subtitles and reformat them to something that is legible, but I should be able to get the subtitles out within the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience! The subtitles for the next Game Dungeon will, unfortunately, have a similar turnaround time. Sorry. :(

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Super good video on this one. I watch a good few other people on youtube who have covered this game and, even though they seemed to enjoy it a great deal, something about it didn't sit right with me for some reason. From what you've said, I can tell immediately that this isn't something I'd like. No-one else I watch even mentioned the points that you raised, about 80% of which would all be deal breakers for me.


Although I might not fit everyone's definition of a millennial, I feel like I'm in the kind of range that you might appreciate input from. As for my music taste in High School, I tended to listen to a great deal of Weird Al Yancovich, and also some of The Flobots. The Flobots being rap music with political messages. One of their more popular songs is Handlebars:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLUX0y4EptA which I always thought was pretty good. I don't think I'd really listen to it now, though. These days, I tend to stay away from anything that has words in it for some reason. I also liked to listen to the Halo 1, and 2 sound track.


Man, I'm glad I never have to go to school again.

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I actually have a friend who uses "Hella" like the blue-haired girl. She's in her early 30s, so she's a bit too old to be a character in Life is Strange, but there are people who unironically talk like that.

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Here's my fashionably late homework assignment!


It's hard to say what modern music I like because I've honestly never listened to many recent modern bands, and I dislike almost all of the top 40 pop/rap/country stuff you hear on the radio. I can name a couple bands from the 2000s I like, but my musical tastes are actually pretty wide. There's a good number of times I liked one or two songs from a band but wasn't as crazy about the rest of their work. These facts were true when I was high school-age, and they're still true now.


If I had to choose, I'd say my primary interest groups are classic blues/country (think O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Fallout: New Vegas), Silent Generation-era oldies/jazz, certain types of electronica (primarily demoscene/chiptune/vaporwave/synthwave/ambientish stuff), classic rock, and power metal - or really any metal that doesn't sound like the Cookie Monster having a seizure. Bands/groups/individuals that fall into these categories include Marty Robbins, Muddy Waters, Louis Armstrong, Vera Lynn, Sabaton, Brothers of Metal, Metallica, Skaven, Boards of Canada, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and perhaps Johnny Cash.


Game soundtracks deserve a special mention; they run the gamut but I'd have to single out distinctive indie OSTs with real work put into them, such as the soundtracks to Bastion and Into the Breach. The composer for Into the Breach, Ben Prunty, also made the music for FTL, and is in general a really talented electronic musician.


I also like classical music and traditional cultural music like Scottish bagpipes/traditional Middle Eastern music/Native American flutes, but I couldn't say as much about individual artists for that stuff, since I regard the music as more prominent than its performers in most cases. Russian composers like Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky are some of my classical favorites that aren't super obvious and popular like Mozart and Beethoven. As for traditional cultural music, Clanadonia are great bagpipers while R. Carlos Nakai is perhaps the most famous Native American flutist.


As for what's "coolest" out of all that stuff for a high schooler, I'd have to say it depends. Best overall is a toss-up between power metal and 1930s-40s music: driving ballads about historical battles and Norse mythology are undoubtedly a strong contender, and a lot of it is pretty recent, but Great Depression and WWII-era music has an undeniable historical/elegant chic. Traditional cultural music is a decent pick, since it carries a worldly sound, and being of the same nationality or ethnicity as the stuff you're listening to is a potential conversation starter. As others in the thread have said, classical music is timeless and enjoyable, and not exactly trending with The Youth, apart from perhaps the most popular and super obvious artists everyone hears in music class. Electronica would be a great fit for a geek/computer programmer, while game soundtracks and more chill stuff like Boards of Canada would fit for both geeks and artsy folks. Classic rock and metal wouldn't be out of place for a shop class tradesperson, but I can't say it would be my top pick. Old country would have historical chic similar to WWII oldies, but I'm not really sure where blues would fit.

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I've been hanging out with people around my generation, gen z, and i've been noticing some slang. a lot of people here have been saying the word "hella" a lot


so yeah, i think ross is going to love this generation of adults

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I can't remember if I said this, but it wasn't hella in itself that was the problem, it was the way she was using it. At least in my experience, people weren't using hella as an adjective, it was used as an adverb:



That is hella stupid.

That is hella big.



You've got hella cash.

Look at my hella gun.


It sounds incredibly awkward to me as an adjective, which is how she initially used it.

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You are in hella trouble!


i hella you

got hella cash

this music is hella




i think the cringy dialogue is 100% gone from life is strange before the storm, i thought the game itself was really bad though, hella bland (hella bad?)

it's just some lame prequel, your choices don't matter at all, literally, hella useless, just felt like a waste of time overall


i want my hella time hella back



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As a Gen Z-er, I like listening to Metallica, Disturbed, and Avenged Sevenfold, and a few other songs of the same style. However, this appears to be unusual, and most people of my age-group listen to rap or pop music. 

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7 hours ago, Slug_Man said:

As a Gen Z-er, I like listening to Metallica, Disturbed, and Avenged Sevenfold, and a few other songs of the same style. However, this appears to be unusual, and most people of my age-group listen to rap or pop music. 

I don't know, that's still pretty mainstream music, doesn't seem too unusual to me. If anything plenty of people claim to like Metallica, but only because of the name, which stands out a lot from what I've seen. I think it's when you get down to overly specific tracks, from all kinds of obscure places, in order to really stand out from the crowd.


I don't think most people will listen to something like this.

I don't think most people even know that this song even exists.

This is probably still pretty well known, but it's not exactly popular.


This is... very specific.

Hey look, it's LimeWire.

Some really obscure track I never see much around.

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Okay my other post is broken for some reason and I can't add more music under Medusa's Path.


Anyway, I'll get even more overly specific. GETT OUTTA HERE WITH YOUR MAINSTREAM BULLLL, YEAAHHH


Wait no I'm back into the mainstream, dammit. BUT WAIT, I BRING INSTRUMENTALS.


What the hell is this track name? In my own collection, I just called it "Primavera".

I literally cannot listen to this on it's original RPM. Go ahead and listen to the original, I bet you'll be crawling back to this one.

YEAH BACK TO OUR MORTAL WORLD EH, I'm not a robot, I can't listen to robot music.



I'm going to cheat with this one, but it's too neat not to post.


Uh, anyway, I have more, but I would need to upload them, and it's not gonna happen with how hard some of these were to find.

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