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Oh boy, Rimworld.


The amount of glorious shit that went down in that game left me sooo satisfied and still satisfies me even more as time goes.


Your hunter shots at a squirrel, which goes berserk and slaughters your whole colony or that raid that just arrived on the map.

Or a pack of man hunting animals attacks your colony, which can be a godsend when running low on food.

Even raids solve themselves sometimes, like two groups from different factions that hate each other spawn at the same edge of the map, causing a bloodbath, which means free loot and *leather for couches and hats.

Your pawns are random generated and get skills and traits like jogger, depressed and cannibal or psychopath.


Also whats great about Rimworld are the mods, you can have (nearly) anything from more functions, additional pawn requirements (hygiene for example), to additional factions and Storytellers.


Attached screenshot is of a man hunter "pack" of around 2500 Seals preparing to assault my modded colony before my cruise missile hit.

Got a lot of food from that. That game can escalate pretty quickly.


Removing organs from prisoners is normal if your colony needs a spare lung or a heart, or just sell them to the next trader.

Weird mishaps during medical operations can lead to a beheaded colonist who was supposed to have a leg replacement.

Everything can murder you, even a tiny turtle.


So in short Rimworld is just gambling with lives of your poor colonists with difficulty set on random.


*human leather

 I sincerely recommend this clusterf**k of a game to everyone (18 or older of course).


Ross, if you do a video of this game, I hope you will have a lot of "good times" with it.


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This is the closest thing to Dwarf Fortress without having to learn how to play Dwarf Fortress. The randomness and difficulty are adjustable. Personally, randomly dying to to nuts things is part of the fun.

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Bit of a steep learning curve but will give several hundred hours of tinkering with your group of survivors.

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The good news is if he plays it we get a new Rimworld channel, the bad news is he'll lose his source of income and he won't talk about anything else.

I've played this one for about 2000 hours. This and Don't Starve are games that you merely take a break from, you'll never be completely tired of them.

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A number of others have already echoed this, but just wanted to throw my hat in and say also that Rimworld is great. It's addicting, and can quickly eat away at the hours in what feels like minutes. The kinds of wacky / sadistic stuff you can get into in this is delightful.

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Good "create-your-own-story" game. Well, random events creates story for you, but you are trying to overcome them, trying to build and prosper on wild planet. Good game to procrastinate on it.

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