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Contest to win a GOG copy of Iron Harvest

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GOG gave me 10 copies of Iron Harvest to give away to people, so I'll be giving them out here on September 12th.



This has nothing to do with GOG or the game, but tying back to my GUI video, an online archive of Winamp skins was recently made public that shows an incredible variety with over 65k skins. 


1. Go here:  https://skins.webamp.org/

2. Browse through the collection and pick out the skin you like the most.  This should be something you would skin your whole OS with this theme if you could.

3. Right click on the image, click "copy image address" and post in this thread.  If you could also list the name of the skin (it's shown at the bottom when you click on it on the site), that would be appreciated, but not mandatory.


That's it!  I'll pick the top 10 I think are the best sometime on Saturday, September 12th.  I'll announce the winners here and private message them the keys for the game.



-Many of the skins just have a big picture of a celebrity or a scene from a movie, don't pick these, these will NOT win.  I want to see stuff that looks like it's its own coherent look for a GUI.


-I'll probably be biased towards stuff that looks slick and would make a great theme for an OS in general.  If it's really cool looking, those might win also.


-Only one entry per person.  If you want to show off more you found, try to use the "spoiler" tag in the post (the eye icon) for those.  If you post more than one, I'm automatically going to assume the first skin listed is your entry and not count the others.


-Only one winner per skin.  If multiple people pick the same skin, I'll select one of them at random, so you have better odds if you pick a skin nobody else has already.

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This one is pretty nice - Devia_-_Tribute_to_DeviantART:


Although, and it might seem drab, I just use the Winamp Modern skin in mini mode. It has a ton of color schemes to choose from and I just use it as a small task bar above my main one:



EDIT: In the unlikely case my drab taste actually appeals to someone and I've won, I'll be unfortunately without internet access until next weekend due to circumstances that are out of my control.

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I'm not sure what time travel looks like but I'm certainly feeling it. Missed these old things.





Slept on it and figured what I'd call a book-themed GUI: The Technonomicon.

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This just makes me imagine my entire PC and monitor is made of flash fleshy living metalic organism. Which appeals to me for some reason. Is that weird?


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After a good 40min the site just stopped loading themes.

I'd never use a single theme across every aplication so can't really honestly participate anyhow.

(and there is no skining the system, linux has no default UI)

for specificly this UI tho




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I know this won't win, but I already signed up for the forums so I'm just gonna be honest. I love this grotesquely bright colored Surge skin. It fills me with a warm nostalgia for nu-metal and thinking wearing black sweatbands made me look cool. I would never use a skin like this so that basically kicks me out of the running. However, it's still a charming throwback to something so 90s, just like WinAmp.

f0fba9278f15b9cef250dda32faccbfa.png [SURGE_amp.wsz]

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I think familycomputer.wsz is really nice. It's got an old-school 3D look to it, but also a more modern style with clear edges and a limited color palette.


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Maybe I spent too much time with Nintendo as a kid, but I think i could stare at this interface for years and not get sick of it!
P.S. Ross, you're the best!!!





These look good too:



Can't go wrong with neon!



It's a bit flat for a good UI, but I find this orange-black strangely appealing. A couple peoeple posted similar below, but I like this one better.



I really like the idea of blackboards, though this is again obviously too flat.




Some more of the ones that look promising:










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"30.wsz" has a very mechanical grim dark / 40k feel to the buttons.

Should allow for design creativity, in areas where without buttons. 



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