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Things that you hate to see in games.

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People who really don't know how to fly jets/choppers but they ALWAYS take a helicopter, wait for like 5 people to get in, and then they crash.. (Battlefield...)


Well excuse me princess but there aren't exactly any proper tutorials for shit like this, so how else are they going to learn and get to grind out all those fucking unlocks? That's another pet peeve: When the game has this deathly fear of actually explaining how the mechanics work in the more complicated areas of the game. Rather than just have a few 5-10 minute tutorial options, they opt to get fancy with their teaching. In Battlefield 3's case giving you an entire (fairly shitty from what I know) campaign that just reviews how to shoot and occasionally has you flying a jet or chopper so you can figure things out.

I agree that there should be a tutorial (atleast on jets and choppers). And yeah, learn by doing is what you have to do, but if you dont know how to fly, dont take EVERY chopper that you see and wait for people to get in. Give others a chance is what im saying, wait for your turn. (Yeah my first reply came out a little wrong..)

"Life sucks sober!"

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Was just playing Resistance: Fall of Man, which I got for Christmas. I don't think I'll ever play it again, because of the controls.


A: Aiming is awful. For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to make Y camera movement slower than X movement, without any option in that regard. This means, if I want to move the crosshair Southwest, I can't do the logical thing and move the control stick down and to the left, at 45 degrees. I have to instead aim for South-south-west because of the difference in Y and X movement. It feels like I'm controlling the camera with etch-a-sketch knobs...


B: You hold a button to crouch, yet using sights is a toggle. Once again, this can't be changed in the options. WTF?


C: Oh, and the game's visuals have not aged well... there's that too.


It's because it was a PS3 release game. Release games are always bad :P


Yeah, definitely... Developers making their first game on a new platform generally are so bogged down, and if they're trying to hit a launch window, it'll turn out even worse. God of War 2 was released for the PS2 in 2007 (a year after the PS3 came out) for just that reason. They didn't think they were able to make a good enough game without having a few years to see what they could do with the hardware.

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