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Ross tries to get you to join in on his birthday.

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Happy birthday! This is a giant birthday video I've been wanting to make for a while now. I had no chance at all time-wise last year, and I almost didn't make it this year! While I definitely have my own ends with this video, I tried to keep it entertaining also. Hope you find something in it you like!


Here are the threads related to the birthday topics:


Ross tries to get you to join in on his birthday.


Related threads here:


MMO Stories









Mouse Printing



Custom Software



Also believe it or not, the suggested Youtube thumbnail images didn't have one with me in it, so I left it on the default one.



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It was the 28th for me on the west coast of the US.


Happy Birthday!

I just realized I was born in Louisiana, which is a time zone earlier than east coast. I still made it!

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I remember really enjoying a particular song from an internet flash game called "Flight". It's only one track, but it's really good. It's operatic, and sounds more like a song from a movie than a freebie flash game. The composer, David Orr, has some other music that's also pretty good, but this track in particular stood out to me.


(Link to the soundcloud of this song)

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If you're looking for good art, the web comic Romantically Apocalyptic has really good art, and I'm sure you'll love the story. It's post-apocalyptic lovecraftian sci-fi comedy, obviously, and it's super surreal, funny, scary, beautiful, insane, and all-around strange.

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Whoops! Posted my previous post in the wrong area, I guess. Erm...I'm not sure how to delete that post I made, but I've put the same message in the correct forum thread. Sorry about that!

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Ah, happy birthday Ross. Thanks for all the awesome videos you've done.


Edit: Oops, I saw the music thread. Sorry about that.

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This sucks man, your birthday is on the same day Lemmy died :(


I'm sorry I brought this news up but fuck man.... Fuck.


I'm still shocked about his passing.

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Hey Ross, Happy Birthday!


I got a present I'm working on, but it's a project that's gonna be a ways off. You'll have forgotten about it well before it gets completed, so I guess I'm not hurting anything by telegraphing a surprise. Anyway, go kick some more ass this year, dude.

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Asking attention craving fans for input is like asking the fire department for a drink of water.

So they give you a glass of water when you ask for input? ;)8-)

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