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  1. At least it's an even split, means we all like both, and it's so close of a choice, we vote for whichever is losing at the time...
  2. I didn't lose any... I just saw a few opening credits, and heard something, then closed the tab before IQ loss could begin...
  3. TES: O I made some interesting mods for it... All were too buggy to release, but were still quite interesting...
  4. The Matrix trilogy has some good techno...
  5. Have any of you ever seen how they slaughter pigs/cows? They first use a gun-like tool, it causes equivalent damage to the brain as that of a 9mm bullet, and since they place it at the junction of the brain and brain stem, it kills the animal instantly, without any time for the animal to feel anything. Painless death. Food animals are well fed with extremely nutritional feeds, and rarely confined for long periods. So, is any of that (our normal slaughtering practices) offensive to any of you?
  6. First off, I consider it a baby as soon as the cell divides for the first time. Seen too many scans of active human brainwaves from small cell clusters many believe aren't human babies yet. Second, unless it would be life threatening for either to not-terminate, there should be no option for abortion. If you don't feel like taking care of the baby after birth, put it up for adoption during the pregnancy... There's a massive waiting list, and most if not all adopters will help financially during the pregnancy. (this also includes rape victims, murdering an innocent doesn't ever fix mental/physical trauma)
  7. ? Never heard of the place... That's just the system my site uses, and it seems to be working perfectly. Well it appears Garry lied to me, oh well (he said he came up with the idea). He might have... When did he "come up with the idea"?
  8. Cars are non-van, non-truck, non-pickup, non-buss, non-motorcycle, not-aircraft motor vehicles. Automobiles are pre assembly-line cars. Trucks are F-150's or larger, not including any Chevy. Vans are anything from a mini-van to full sized van. SUV is a short-length raised-suspension van. Pickup is a 2 seat mini-van, with a box rear instead of additonal seats/enclosed cargo space. Those are my definitions for the common motor vehicles on the road today.
  9. Sounds like a recipe for a multiplayer coop campaign...
  10. Pretty. Here's a pic of me from about a year ago:
  11. Ave. So you're on the southwest corner of the hill there... Nice area... Used to go Geocaching up there with Civil Air Patrol...
  12. I'm just one of those people that like the various memorable quotes... FM. I really enjoy CP, but because of the reduced number of episodes, and slower production rate, I just get more out of FM.
  13. The background music that was also in Matrix Reloaded, for the freeway scene, I would say would be some of the best ever, but not all that crap they packed on top of it...
  14. I would ask for a look, but you're not in Southern Colorado. As for gender, I am a most definite male. I'm one of the few who don't bother talking about "length" much since I don't see the point in over/under exaggerating the lengths of male genitalia. I do however enjoy viewing the different sizes/shapes/colors/textures of the various defining female characteristics though. (just in case anyone over 18 is in to giving out those kind of images, I'm 23 so there are no restrictions on my end) If that's you, you are quite beautiful.
  15. Those are on my list too... The Transporter trilogy. Terminator Salvation. All Star Trek movies, especially the most recent one. I'll think of more later, I'm going to go DL the Star Trek soundtrack now... lol
  16. I'd love to see that happen. But how we would transport the energy is another thing. I can't imagine huge thick wires going from those plants through space and down onto Earth. Microwave beams... The tech exists today to transport large amounts of energy that way, but you have to make sure nothing flys through the beam or it gets vaporized... lol
  17. ? Never heard of the place... That's just the system my site uses, and it seems to be working perfectly.
  18. Just the Freeman's Mind and CP logos would look cool on black shirts IMO. Accursed Farms logo on the back...
  19. Yes, except the donation system.
  20. Actually, the best rep system is no rep system. Just have a little bar across the bottom of each post with button icons like "Agree", "Disagree", "Helpful", "Polite", "Inappropriate", "Off Topic", "Dumb", etc... Allow only one vote per post, and have it stay with just that post, not the account.
  21. You are one of the few. Did you also play the Earthseige games?
  22. Oh yeah, these -82 looks really scary. Especially on a forum The reputation system is supposed to be there to show who the helpful/friendly/nice members of the community are to everyone else. Be a nice helpful person, and you'll get reputation. If the system gets abused though, it becomes meaningless. In other words, I have to go through, and +rep all your posts?
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