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Subtitles: English

New Game Dungeon! I think this might be the shortest one so far, but I promise I didn’t skimp any on the quality. This game certainly had things to talk about. I originally was going to start working on the Patreon campaign next, but after the muddled reaction to Moon Gaming, I felt like I should get another Game Dungeon out first to let people know I wasn’t abandoning other videos. On that note, I think I’m going to discontinue Moon Gaming as the response to it wasn’t what I was hoping. While I think it has potential to be better, I don’t think it would be a LOT better than what was already seen. Since that’s been scrapped, after Patreon is set up, my new plan is to get as many Game Dungeons out for October as I can. I have a couple smaller episodes planned and at least one larger one for Halloween, but I’ll just see what’s doable. More stuff coming!


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