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I use these arguments as a joke sometimes. X3 If something goes wrong, I'll make a joke and yell "PC Master Race", mainly when something BAD goes wrong. XD But seriously. People are allowed to like whatever they want. I prefer PC but people shouldn't be yelled at or growled at just for wanting to play games a little differently.

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People want to make themselves feel bigger and more important than other people. I guess it's also deployed to stop the bickering between Sony fans and Microsoft fans.


Yahtzee, a pioneer of the term "PC Master Race", posted a great article explaining why people are taking the term - a joke term - far, far too seriously. It sort of reflects something bad about Human nature.

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The problem is that when people like me voice the positives of PC gaming, we aren't even allowed to finish... We would get to the cons, and then to the pros and cons of consoles as well, but we never get past the beginning.


PC Pros:

1. Less expensive for equivalent hardware and gaming performance.

2. Isn't limited to console-grade hardware.

3. Can run at much higher resolutions, and graphics quality than consoles.

4. Games tend to be $40 or less for the same games that are $60 or more for consoles. (and they tend to drop in price rapidly)

5. Isn't limited to gaming and the few apps that the manufacturers include on consoles.

6. Is upgradeable, such that you can spend $200-$300 and get an even better experience than upgrading from a last-gen console.

7. Can use any modern console's controller perfectly fine, and has hundreds of options for different controllers.

8. MODS!!!!!!

9. PC hardware, on average, has a longer lifespan.

10. Forced anti-aliasing capability.

11. Several orders of magnitude more options for almost everything than consoles.

12. Can be far more portable than a console.

13. Frequently doesn't require a disk for anything concerning newer games. (and many old ones, thanks to Steam, HumbleBundle, and GOG)


PC Cons:

1. Game optimization tends to suck for most AAA titles, and console ports.

2. Cheating is easier to achieve, and harder to prevent.

3. Performance depends on both the hardware and software you have installed, especially in the many settings for them.

4. Can be more expensive if you don't know what you're doing.

5. More malware than consoles.

6. Uses more electricity than a console.

7. Tends to have many more cables going to and coming from than consoles.


Console Pros:

1. Consistent gaming performance.

2. Standardized everything, so you don't get people complaining when some dude shows up in game with a 4k 120Hz display and slaughters everyone.

3. Significantly reduced risk of malware. (there is malware for every console since the PS2 though)

4. Significantly harder to cheat in MP games. (fewer aimbots to contend with)

5. Is less expensive overall if you intend to buy fewer than 10 games, and don't know what a Start Button is.

6. Can sometimes run quieter and cooler than a PC.


Console cons:

1. Just recently got to 1080p60, but most games are still capped at 720p30. (severely limited graphics capabilities)

2. Very few games use anti-aliasing, and the ones that do use the lowest settings possible.

3. More expensive than an equivalent gaming PC.

4. Far more expensive games, and games don't drop in price as quickly as they do for PC. (and rarely if ever do they get low enough to match the PC)

5. Can not be upgraded to compete with next-gen consoles.

6. Frequently require the disk to be inserted to play the game, even if it's completely installed on the internal HDD.

7. So far as I know, consoles still don't properly support SSDs.

8. Expansion HDDs that work in consoles are far more expensive than their PC counterparts.

9. Extremely limited control options.

10. No graphics quality adjustment options.

11. Extensive modding is impossible, and what little is possible requires the devs to release modding tools.

12. If one part breaks on the console, you have to replace the entire console, instead of just the part that broke.

13. Is limited to what the manufacturer allows you to do with the console. (see Sony preventing people from modding the PS3 debacle that happened years ago)


Consoles are like Apple... You're either locked in, and have to keep using them, or you're free and use a PC.

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Consoles are like Apple... You're either locked in, and have to keep using them, or you're free and use a PC.


Quite true actually. I don't like to start arguments, and I'm not saying consoles or PC's are better, or... Apple or Android is better. X3 But... I have NEVER seen somebody who has previously had an apple device, then moved onto an android device. NEVER seen it happen. I've seen the reverse though. Where an Android user goes to Apple. It's amazing actually. XD Once you start with Apple, you just canNOT go back. As far as I'm concerned, you're restricted by iTunes and other cloud libraries that are very limited in location. X3 Luckily, Android uses Google which is accessible from literally any device. You don't have to have the Google Drive app to be able to access your documents. Consoles, I've NEVER seen somebody just suddenly go; "PC's!? Aw yeah!!" But I have seen PC members go; "Consoles? Let's give it a go!"

My brother used to be a big PC gamer. X3 Then he got a full-time job and he only has time for console gaming. Fair enough. That, and the PS3 and Xbox have their weird stores and what not so you kinda have to stick to the same device.

(Thank God for Steam. Thank God for Gaben. We are blessed by the power of Steam and its abilities. Don't take it for granted. XD)


But hey, why not both! :D My cousins play both PC and Console. They do fine. I guess it just depends on what games you prefer, how rich you are and how much time you have. X3 There's no better or worse sides. It's just what people prefer/what they can handle. Personally, PC all the way. I have never been able to grasp the concept of a controller. XD They confuzzle me.

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I like controllers for flying and driving... Anything else, and it's way too imprecise.


I dare anyone to do an FPS using their console controller of choice vs me and my M+KB. (I'll show you the true meaning of the phrase "one sided")

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I'm cool with both. I have an Android phone, a Macbook Pro, a Dell XPS and a slimline PS2. Having had the PS2 for exactly a decade now, I'm a little concerned about how much longer it'll last. I don't intend on buying any other consoles, because all the games I'd like to play are either on Steam or PS2.


I'll only ever replace my Dell XPS with a laptop that has a Disk drive in it, and decent speakers.


I don't want to replace my Macbook, because their new OSs don't appeal to me, and they're also doing away with disk drives. I'll never buy an external drive unless I have no other choice. Screw this shrinking trend.

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The thing is BTG is I don't have a problem with the pros / cons of both. I recognize them. What I'm sick and tired of seeing are the invasive behaviors of the ones that use "fag" as a comma and take this attitude that because they have this shiny machine on top of a desk instead of in front of a TV they are somehow this transcendent human being when in actuality, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. If someone was asking something like "Hey I want to start playing games but I'm not sure whether to get a console or a PC" then I'd be amazingly happy to see someone listing the good and bad of both. But that almost never happens, at least not where I see these discussions.


In case you were wondering, this rant was triggered by me trying to find information on how to fix my GTA V frame drops and after 3 completely different websites all I found was the console and PC idiots fighting each other for one reason or another. When someone's looking for help fixing what they have "get it one something else" is an ultimately useless answer. The Reddit group PC Master Race that goes onto other sites and makes these posts like they're a priest are easily my least favorite people. Not only are they everywhere they don't need to be, but they make these long winded posts about some "reckoning" and only the true gamers will be saved or some obnoxious garbage when the thing they're posting on was a site story akin to "This game looks good I can't wait to play it"


And yes, if asked, I would suggest a PC over console for a lot of the reasons you explained. I'm just sick and tired of people who not only base their entire identity off a meme but somehow got it into their heads that it made them a god.


At the end of the day, if you're happy with your purchase, right-fucking-on. Don't let anyone take that from you.

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It's basically that childhood "My thing is better than yours" thing, but they never grew out of it.


You get it in music too - Gibson V Fender.

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@Rarity & Binky: Agreed.


@Binky: Fender tends to be slightly (almost imperceptibly) better with electric, Gibson slightly (almost imperceptibly) better with acoustic. (from what I can tell anyways YMMV)

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Fender tends to be slightly (almost imperceptibly) better with electric, Gibson slightly (almost imperceptibly) better with acoustic. (from what I can tell anyways YMMV)

My sentiments exactly with Fender and Gibson. I guess because that's their respective specialty, and maybe the fact that Fender started out at a time when people are looking for a way to amplify their guitars, whilst Gibson started with archtop acoustics during the 1900's.


Personally, I like Gibson's acoustics. The look and sound of a J200 and J160E command admiration, makes me wish I can actually touch and play one of those beauties.

As for Fender's electrics, you can't go wrong with a Stratocaster.

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Have you ever had an idea/thought, of something you could do to jumpstart your career (like an indie game developer), or your about to solve/answer a problem that's been nagging you for a while, or on anything that seems important, but before you could get a hold on one of these thoughts/ideas, and pin it down to the ground, so you could get a good long hard look at it and study it, something happens and it slips away, leaving you with a small glimpse, and you're left there wondering what the hell it was? Yeah, I get those all the time, it really irritates me. Like, I could be gaming, and all of a sudden, I get this warm feeling, and a thought pops in my mind, and before I realize what just happened, it's gone, and I get this thought that whatever I just thought of, was really important, like a future job, and I just potentially screwed myself over because I have no clue how long I was thinking of it without realizing it, and then when I realize I was thinking of it, poof, it's gone.

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@Psychotic Ninja

I sorta get those. X3 But it's not so much as my future plans but more of what to do next. I get momentarily excited but I immediately forget what it was. It just popped in for a few seconds and then left.

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Okay. Personal pet peeve. Why does every third person on the internet type a brained damaged chimpanzee, or worse yet like Nicki Minaj? What in the hell do they TEACH kids in school, because basic scholastics certainly aren't on the fucking list.

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Okay. Personal pet peeve. Why does every third person on the internet type a brained damaged chimpanzee, or worse yet like Nicki Minaj? What in the hell do they TEACH kids in school, because basic scholastics certainly aren't on the fucking list.
Hey, I am a student of linguistics at my university, and I can guarantee you that the way people type in informal situations such as forums, comment sections, and text messages is in no way representative of their literacy. Kids these days can distinguish between formal situations, such as writing a paper, and informal situations, like telling your mom for the sixth time that you're at Sheetz with your friends.


If you're skeptical, don't take it just from me. Here are some folks with authority in the field who can put this peeve to ease.

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Ahh, fellow Grammar Nazi :mrgreen:





But in all seriousness, Ian makes a good point. I think if you got them to write on paper, a lot of people who type in ways offensive to the Glorious Grammar Master Race would be high-level in their literacy. Typing is actually very unnatural and awkward, I find, which is why I write essays before typing them up.


Still, I've learned to tolerate bad online grammar -

I almost never start up my oven. Unless I'm making dinner. (apologies, that was bad taste)


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My friends type like shit in informal situations. But their writing in assignments and essays are gorgeous. X3 Some people prefer to type more quickly by shortening words and what not when texting. Fair enough. I don't complain. I text with full words, mainly because it's good practice.


Gotta remember there's usually another side to the story. X3 There's also people who have mental issues that simply can't type all that great. Dsylexia at a young age can be very hard on someone. Ie: My sister. Her writing is awful. But it's not cause she refuses to learn. She just physically can't. X3 She's Age 14 and I still have a hard time understanding what she means.

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The issue is getting the idea across to another person, that's what grammar is there for. It adds points of emphasis so you can better understand the intent.


Also, despite the Grammar Nazis, we will always have need of Punctuation Man!

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Dyslexics are fine. It's when somebody has no mental problems and a highschool education and types like this (see below) that I have a problem with. Seriously, you TRY and tell me you can make out half of what this idiot's saying.


...I was going to link to Nicki Minaj's Twitter, but she's actually gotten a LOT better in the year since I checked. Must be all those people that made fun of her, that's good motivation.


Okay, you know what, nevermind. Forget I said anything.

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