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Is there an easy way to learn calculus? Algebra and pre-calc were easy, but I never took any higher level math in college.




"We don't call them loot boxes", they're 'surprise mechanics'" - EA


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Well, it's useful if you're learnin Compuders, but otherwise I don't see that much pragmatic reason to learn it.

Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomine, tuo da Glorium

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As a diehard Eagles fan, I actually cried when they won

Life is just a time trial; it's all about how many happy points you can earn in a set period of time

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So where is BTGBullseye? Am I and the Alyxxx'xx'xxx all that is left of the olden days?

a handful of us our still around

i can't believe you forgot about me

Steam: Annie
Discord: Annie#6365

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