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  1. Oh here we go. Still got that stick up your arse then, nice to see not much has changed.
  2. Welcome back! I thought I was perma banned.
  3. It was actually about an American cowboy returning home to his farm. He wasn't allowed to sing the lyrics because Russia and America weren't on good terms.
  4. I decided to look at Username's channel when I saw this in his feed. [Alyxx: Image removed due to forum rules] Wow.
  5. Wondering who this is and why the only thing he's ever done is spam +rep Chuck here.
  6. Fuck you, Bioware. They literally fucking took out the unsubscribe button to the MMO so that the basically unplayable game now, is forcing you to pay for it. Isn't that illegal? I thought the same thing when I realised there was no "delete account" button on Facebook, only a deactivate account option. I actually had to search up on Google to figure out how to delete it.
  7. Breaking News: EA's MMO flop, TORtanic, has a new cat race and is now F2P until level 15 in the hopes that yiffing furries in the starting area will increase subscriber numbers.
  8. vizBWaNdSgQ Ubisoft should just fire all of their marketers. They make the most embarrassing shit I've ever watched.
  9. ohgodohyes ohgodohyes ohgodohyes ZENO CLASH SEQUEL. SO. PUMPED.
  10. Over 70% of Swedes are Christian. The amount of people you've talked to wouldn't even be 0.000001% of the population.
  11. Ultima is hardly an RPG. It's an adventure game with some stats.
  12. I'd also recommend the Ultima games as they're on sale as well.
  13. Just don't buy one unless you have some money to blow, and if you do get one just use it for your OS.
  14. Playing Minecraft without mods? No thanks.
  15. Then you're just as uneducated and ignorant as the people you're insulting. Please, give me some citations for this "fact".
  16. Can't wait for this to be the new brown 'n bloom. You just know this will be used to cover up shitty textures, AA and such when the "next gen" consoles come out.
  17. CHkilroy's my favourite KRpPIyJDSEQ Sidestrafe is pretty good as well. Remember that you need Combined Operations, not just ARMA II.
  18. It's forgivable seeing as he's from Poland.
  19. lel Sorry for being able to use deduction and not being a sensationalist moron. And most Europeans don't know the difference between America and the USA. Oh wow, look at me generalize.
  20. Just bought the Kick-Ass soundtrack.
  21. I'm going NC for their hard-hitting weapons. I prefer power over rate of fire, and in general I prefer bullets to pew-pew. edit: Also because Vanu are a cult and the Terran Republic are full on repressive dictators.
  22. Yes, because America's always been known for how not racist they are. Bullshit So allright. For now on, we got american terrorists attacks. Every one's happy. I don't even know what you're trying to say now.
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