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Here’s a video to wreck my previous schedule! I’d give more details, but really I laid out everything in the video. I originally was hoping to make this a quick 10 minute video where I just talk to the camera, but my ambition got the better of me again and it’s something longer and far more watchable now. Sorry about that. I’m essentially going to have no time after Saturday, likely for weeks, so I’m scrambling to get the next Game Dungeon out by then. Thankfully, this one should be a shorter episode, but I thought the same about these last 2 videos also. If you want to know if I’ll make it or not, you should ask that question in the same voice as the narrator from the old 60s Batman series. This video does put me behind as I won’t be prepared for Halloween, but I’m hoping to have a week or so at the end of October to get something together. A lot happening for me this month!

Also because I just posted this, I notice the color will be off, but it should fix itself as Youtube finishes processing it.


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