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And the entire rest of the album. ;)

bi ti ʤi ˈbulzaɪ

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Oh ze memories.


Oh man, I used to love this game. ^^


A personal favorite of mine is the Morrowind theme though.



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There are so many (and more) I like. I separated them into two parts.


yVm_ljDSdwA IeygI66vbFM gIm9ixPd_7k favourites of the descent soundtracks:d3EGkYfArnM RVOBT2xyAOE

GJn56a2E2ao n4aYSdVs0c4 PYrnMCqGRu4 VY3iJJjSJ80 tiIomFNNNxo


part 2:

q7bhm3gFrLg K7HLZvOh3x8 CWQZ8PEVn7o FzGHmCYOLa0 uxQdWubPtK8 0GNM3xmIxIg _17usOw7rbo zqqq8uqSDnk J5Erl-y9b_4


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Another guy on another forum gave this to me to post on that same forum, so I might as well do it here. SimCopter is an old Maxis game that lets you fly helicopters around 3d representations of SimCity 2000 cities and do missions and such. A cult classic, the graphics are sub-par but the concept is pretty cool.


Note that the music was originally encoded at a very low rate, so try to keep this in mind while listening.


http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?vdzkm24tvnc13gq (114 MB)

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688(I) Hunter-Killer is a damn good classic submarine sim. Naturally, it has some damn good classic submarine film-like music. Since the game was a product of the late '90s, it's all MIDI, but a guy I know is remixing the music (and also the SimCity 2000 music). You can find the remixing here and the MIDI files here.

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And so much more.


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It might be just me but I have fallen in love with the soundtrack for



Here is my favorite track (major spoiler alert):






I wish the song was longer but it's probably the best thing I've heard in a video game soundtrack.

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throw everything away and listen to this. You wont regret it, I swear

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I gotta say the sims 2 music really takes the cake for me.




This soundtrack is so glorious to me, I could probably sing every song if given the opportunity. Even if you don't play games like this, this shit is so catchy.


Also, completely different style, but Silent Hill 2's soundtrack is up there for me too.




Bioshock. Do I even need to explain?




Also, it's worth noting that Ross is 100% right on the glory that is Tyrian's soundtrack. If that hasn't been noted already, I may or may not have skimmed the spoilers.



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