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I was born with an X and a Y chromosome and the rest is history. But I've learned from my experiences on this forum to think about people as who they are and not just as what they are.

Also, I can find any country on an unlabled map. Even ones that aren't there anymore.
Same here, with the exception of a small number of eastern European and African countries. :( Poland however is a walk in the park to find.

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I'm a man.


*Looks at headline*..seems legit.

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I don't know, you tell me.

oh yea? well what if i don't want to!? XD

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*looks at avatar and signature*


uhh, nope, beats me...


Btw, i don't think pro would mind if it does get turned into one. :?

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over compensating a bit? Dash? :P

i'm only messing with you.

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@Billy, don't worry, I've seen worse people in geography, ones who think europe is a country..... or that Australia and New zealand are north korea and south korea.


I think besides the fact that these people usually have better things to do than study geography, geographic memory is a special type of memory in the brain and sort of a gift.



Hopefully people will remember where ukraine and poland is next euro 2012 championship.

I understand that people can struggle with geography, I'm not great myself and I've heard lots of people think that Europe is a country but to think Australia and New Zealand are North and South Korea doesn't make any sense. Not only is New Zealand East of Australia but Australia is a Continent (like Europe).


Back on topic, I'm a male

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Who are our variants here. I am intrigued to say the least. We have 8 men and 1 woman, that isn't surprising. Variants however, are really rare so I am bedazzled how there are two here.

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