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Birthday thread: Soundtracks

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Hawaii Part II

Ok so this one isn't as much a soundtrack as it is an obscure music album. I don't know whether or not it will be up your ally, since you said you don't like people singing, and this is not metal at all. That being said, the music itself is available as an instrumental and even some really nice sounding demos on a separate album called "Hawaii Part II Part II." The music itself is kinda all over the place, as the band who made it attempts to squeeze just about every genre they can into what they make. The band who made it is called "Tally Hall," but released it under a different band name called ミラクルミュージカル, or "Miracle Musical." Now, even though its clear that you lyrically prefer that of heavy metal, you strike me as someone who would make exceptions if they're deep or have alot of good emotion in them. Well let me tell you, this album is pretty deep lyrically, but so deep I still haven't gotten to the bottom of what it's all about. You can tell its a concept album about a love story, involving murder, time travel, hawaii, sirens, and 9/11, but piecing those together is tricky the more you listen to it, to the point of frustration. That's not a criticism though. Like an actual siren, it draws you in with beautiful melodies and thoughtful lyrics before eating you alive. Now, I mentioned its not actually a soundtrack. That wasn't true when it came out, but not long after, they made a really short Zelda-type game around it. One of the songs from the original album called "Labyrinth," had a music video accompanying it, and it was made to look like a gameboy zelda/mario/castlevania game, and so not long after that, they made an actual game out of that called "Hawaii Part II: The Game." From watching a let's play of it, it doesn't seem to be that engaging of a game, I don't know if it's really game dungeon material on it's own. It seems it was only released to people who had signed up to the band's mailing list in 2015, and a public link to it apparently is broken, so it may end up becoming one of those games that will be lost to time. But anyways, the songs from the album were remade in an 8 bit midi style for this game, and those were released separately on a third album called "hawaiipartii." Ok, this was a bit all over the place, this is kindof a rabbit hole of an album. It makes me want to start my own "game dungeon" style youtube series but on music. Not many have talked about this album, again, its really obscure. Attempting a listen WILL steal a part of your soul. I give this album the "does this kill people?" award.

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Great space music from a 4x game. 

The entire soundtrack is just pure gold imo (hence, someone probably already recommended it to you), but be warned - the last composition has words emitted through a human mouth. 

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KILLING FLOOR 2 (additional tracks)

I know this OST has been mentioned a few times already, but the game keeps on getting updated with newer music added. Here's a playlist with tracks from seasonal events, most of which was composed for the game, as opposed to using existing licensed tracks in the past.


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