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This is a post as a reminder of submitting questions if you want me to try and answer them for the December videochat. I’m trying something new this time, where it’s been suggested to me that there should be a system where people can vote questions up or down so I answer what people want to hear the most. I don’t have a system set up to do that, but reddit does. I contacted the person running the Accursed Farms channel on reddit and he set up a thread where you can post questions to be voted on HERE. I’ll try to incorporate other questions already submitted, but feel free to re-post them on reddit to be voted on.

I would have done this sooner, but I didn’t want to make people sign up for yet another service, but this seems to be the most convenient way to do this sort of thing at this time. I actually have no involvement with the Accursed Farms reddit section, other than I said a while back I was cool with somebody running it if they wanted to.

In other news, there’s unfortunately not going to be a new video this month, however I’m currently working on a new production method where this could possibly be the last month that happens. Work is already underway on multiple more videos.


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