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Oops! missed this Thread , said Hi in the What games have you finished lately thread.



I'm a dude, I'm an adult and I am stingy with any information about myself without talking to people for at least a little while.

I live somewhere I done with(for now) , so I am planning to go somewhere I want to be.


enjoy computer/videogames they're awesome, history, to not forget and repeat and a lot of varied things, I'm eclectic in most aspects.

I'll keep this short, I've edited and re-edited this post to no end, I hope it's not too withdrawn.


Hope you're well(you who's reading).

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My name is Harry, and I'm from Australia. I like Video Games, Playing Electric Guitar, and Listening to Metal Music.

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Hello people!

I already made some posts in obscure games section, but I guess I'll make a more formal introduction here.


I'm a highly pretentious dude from Lithuania, who is into all kind of weird/experimental arts and obscure video games.


I used to watch Freeman's Mind back when the episodes were first released and recently rediscovered the channel through Ross's Game Dungeon, which I think is one of the best things on Youtube right now.

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Hey there!


Name's Salika Klixiso, but you can pick whichever one of those you like more and just use that one if you want.


I like Action games, Strategy games, RPGs, and a lot of others I'm too lazy to list. I usually just lurk, but I figured I should make my presence known somewhere just in-case I get the sudden urge to jump into a topic out of nowhere.


As for where I'm from, I'm just a leaf.

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