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  1. I would've voted yes, but there were some errors with the final sound edit (original gunfire sounds playing, only to switch to new edit midway). Sure, that probably can be fixed, but it's just too jarring. Otherwise, they weren't too intrusive, but I must admit that they were extremely noticeable and- to an extent- jarring at first.
  2. Liking the new sound effects, except the poison headcrab. It just seemed wrong in my mind, but that's just me.
  3. Wait, did Ross get an offer from them? I've been out of the loop. Although, since Ross did say no, he does have his reasons, and isn't that all we need?
  4. Nice. I was worried that there wouldn't be an April Fools episode because of the whole Machinima contract issue, but since this was hosted by Machinima, I guess everything has been worked out.
  5. Same here. The part with the guard was brilliant.
  6. I guess it's a race now: Will the new CP get released first, or will the FM Episode 38 download tag go up first?
  7. Violence in videogames doesn't trouble me at all.
  8. Look up The Point Man's Mind by Triox45, it's really good. Well so much for my super original idea. I've seen a few episodes now. It seems to be getting better Or- keeping in the realm of FEAR- you could to Becket's Mind from FEAR 2 Project Origin. Unless someone else has done that (I think I saw a Becket's Mind once on Youtube, but I cannot be sure).
  9. Wait, what do you mean by done? Is it completely finished, or is it finished in the aspects of writing, animation, and or audio?
  10. I probably won't be able to name ten, but here are my personal favorites. In no particular order, of course. 1. Halo 3: ODST composed by Marty O'Donnell and Micheal Silvestri (Jazzy noir themes) 2. Mass Effect composed by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick (Classic Space Opera sound) 3. Mass Effect 2 (Including Atmospheric and Combat Scores) composed by Jack Wall (Epic sounding symphony) 4. Half Life 2 composed by Kelly Bailey (Synthesized and awesome) 5. Red Dead Redemption composed by Various Composers (Spaghetti Western goodness)
  11. In addition to working with international collegues, he probably learned some of the languages so he'd always have a fallback country if he ever had to leave America.
  12. I don't think Ross really hates working on Freeman's Mind. Even if it's easier to mass produce this than Civil Protection, he still is pretty damn good with Freeman's Mind.
  13. Das Bo Schitt doing mocap? How did I miss this?
  14. If he does it, here's what I think he'll do. As he's continuing along, he should either crash the Dune Buggy into a pole or enter one of the houses, find a pill bottle and then he should black out. This will appear as a half episode and take place as a sort of dream sequence. Once it's finished, he will wake from his blackout and continue on.
  15. Well, it's a long shot that Valve would do that. They probably won't do that for Freeman, but they could possibly use Mike and Dave as some random CP's that got captured and are being held at White Forest or some other Rebel Base.
  16. I don't remember seeing any bats in Half Life, but then again I never got that far.
  17. I'd say I watch Garry's Mod Machinima the most. The rest are mainly Halo related.
  18. Deus Ex Machina was awesome. It's a shame he didn't finish the series.
  19. Wow. I'm the only vote. I used to read EGM, but then they folded for about a year and a half and I went to OXM.
  20. Personally, I think that rep shouldn't be completely based on someone else's decision to hit a + or - sign. I think rep should be sort of a post count. There was one forum that used a similar system where rep was post count and your rep only went down if you used poor grammar or got yourself banned.
  21. I think that they should be separated. As in one title for rep and another for post count. Similar to Red Dead Redemption's Fame and Honor system or Army of Two: 40th Day's system.
  22. I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man. Fill your hand, you son-of-a-bitch! I'd laugh if he used that line.
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