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Game Dungeon Wish List

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I think Ross might end up liking the Battlezone games... At least the classic ones. (the remakes are OK, but not quite as good as the original)

bi ti ʤi ˈbulzaɪ

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Iji, an action-platformer from 2008. I enjoyed the atmosphere and weapons, and there's plenty of little secrets to find. One of the notable things about it is that playing pacifistically or just throwing hot plasma in the face of everything that shoots at you does have an effect on the story (but not drastically), and keeping your kill counter low does give you some benefits... but it's a lot more cathartic to play it the way the game expects you to, and the final boss is one of my favorites in gaming as a whole.


Also, the soundtrack is really good.


I love that polygonal art style! Definitely gonna try it out!

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Another one you may like is MDK(1997) and MDK2(2000). Both were third person shooters where you fight through enemies and complete puzzles.


In MDK you play as Kurt Hectic, a janitor turned hero (sort of). You have a sniper on your face-mask that you mostly use as a machine gun on your hand. You get grenades, different sniper bullets, and even the fabled nuke-in-a-can. It's pretty gory with a splash of silliness here and there.



MDK2 has you doing the same, but also with Max the four armed dog and Professor Fluke Hawkins. Max is more of the shoot everything character and Fluke has more puzzles. The second game is much more silly than the first, but still a good time.


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Uh oh, what's that sound? That's me rushing in with another suggestion!






A strange game about Kent, a RAAADICALL surfer dude trying to better the land of Neutropolis for the better. He was arrested for whistling and essentially not being normal enough, so the tyrannical leader sends him into a cell, nicknamed the "blue pen", that continuously blares cheesy elevator music into the ears of the victims. He soon finds out about a secret team planning to overthrow the leader and restore peace to the land.


It's made by gremlin graphics, the same guys behind Realms of the Haunting. It uses the same engine, too! I found it to be rather charming in it's bizarre, early 90's cheesy CGI artstyle, sort of like Armed and delirious. You can pick it up on either steam, GOG or buy a physical copy. They're all rather cheap. The digital versions come with Dosbox on it, set up for the game. Whatever you do, don't run it in fullscreen cause GOD the game hates it.


The soundtrack is REALLY catchy. Listen to some of these tracks and I bet you won't get them outta your head!




This one got stuck in my head, mostly because i was stuck in the section where this music looped FOREVER!








Wonder what that morse code means...


Anyway, it's a rather interesting game and I wonder what happened to the engine.


...Christ, I sound like a salesperson...


Hope Ross considers this one! :D

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Two Worlds 1


Any game of the Sea Dogs series


The Fall the last days of Gaia (im sorry for the music.. im not sure if this game isnt german only tho)


ELEX (as usual for a PB game its very divisive.. at least in yankee territory :))

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'Redline' (also known as 'Redline - Gang Warfare: 2066') is an 1999 FPS that mixes cyberpunk + Mad Max + Twisted metal.

Honestly it's supsiring how this game went under the radar considering how innovative it was, and it was pretty fun too, which is a rare sight for a game that is described as "x + y + z".


The first mission pretty much sums up the feel of the game


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Oh! I just realized what would be a perfect episode for this show! Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600! Everyone remembers the terrible licensed game that E.T. got, but they always forget about this one, which was... more ambitious, at the very least. It was a very early attempt at a Legend of Zelda-style action adventure game. You have an inventory of useful items, including a grappling hook; NPC vendors; and a wide variety of different locations you have to get through to reach the Ark. Oh, and did I mention it's a single player game that requires two joysticks to play? Yep, because joysticks only had one button, you used one to move around and use items, and another to scroll through your inventory—which was always present at the bottom of the screen—and drop items.


Special mention goes to the manual, because it is a treat. (I was lucky enough that the person I got my system and games from had a collection of manuals in a bag, even though all the boxes were long gone.) As was typical of the time, the manual told you explicitly what every screen and sprite was because nothing looked like anything. Less typically, it had a section preceded by a spoiler warning that pretty much gave away exactly what to do at every turn. Again, because you'd have no idea what was going on otherwise. The only other game I can think of whose manual held your hand that much was EarthBound. I recommend hunting down a scan rather than consulting a walkthrough.


It also has the worst rendition of a movie theme I've ever heard from a game. I first played it before I'd ever seen the movie, so I didn't know what to listen for, and I heard a completely different tune that started on the wrong measure.


Oh, and Ross? In the off chance that you're actually reading this thread and choose to actively pass on the idea, could you let me know? Because if so, I may as well pass the idea on to the Stop Skeletons from Fighting guy to feature on his show Punching Weight. I think it would be a good fit for that show too but I don't want him to feature it before you get a shot.

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Ross, you've has been doing a few fantasy RPGs so I wonder what you would say about Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader.


It's made by Black Isle and even used the SPECIAL system for stats. Except Intelligence is used for Mana and casting magic spells. It takes place in the Renaissance, and five centuries earlier, some shenanigans during the crusades caused magic and mythology to come out in the real world.

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How about

The Moment of Silence

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYg5-XOkGMY (GoG Trailer)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=072xIPBb-ro (Intro Trailer)



Never really played the game back in the day but ive heard people say its one of those believable futuristic games where the story became real. a game that wants you to think about stuff. more grounded in reality than science fiction.

maybe a bit "Deus Ex"? i do know you can talk to an AI at some point in the game and say "i dont see creation only destruction"..

some people love it (and even have the audacity to compare it to deus ex.) while others find it too slow, ponderous and boring. not the most obscure game out there but fairly unknown nowadays.

looks pleasing to the eye thats for sure!

its on gog.

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Hey, I just remembered another weird old game that might be a good fit for a second Halloween sampler pack episode next year. Spooky Castle is a top-down dungeon crawler thingy with prerendered 3D sprites (think Donkey Kong Country) where you attack by throwing an infinite supply of hammers. And the power-ups are "Pants of Power" and cartons of Chinese food. It's been freeware for some time now, and actually got officially posted on Itch.io, which I've never seen happen to an old game before. I've only ever played the shareware demo, so it's quite possible that it gets way weirder after that.

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Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions is another original Xbox racer that I think would be a good fir for Game Dungeon. It's not well-known, it has some flaws but also some good points that make it ultimately fun. Like, on one hand some of the missions are so poorly designed they're frustratin, but on the other hand there's an actual tank you can unlock and use as a vehicle.

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Another Diablo clone I'd like to see covered would be Darkstone: Evil Reings


Not many people know about this game either, there are very few decent guides around and not much gameplay of the original.

It's also available on Steam, and there have been some mods that offer widescreen support.

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E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

 I'm not a great writer and it's such a strange game that nothing I write will be able to do it justice, so I apologize in advance.

it's a FPSRPG that takes the Source engine to its limits, where you play as an amnesiac warrior monk who's part of a vast organization trying to overthrow the space government and end the invasion of strange beasts from some hellish dimension that was opened by accident about 3 centuries in the past. It's a sequel to an old half life mod called Syndicate Black Ops where you play as a bunch of pitbull throwing trenchcoat enthusiasts hired by a local megacororation to deal with the aforementioned hellbeasts.


It's known for its completely bonkers storyline that requires multiple playthroughs to understand and is best understood after reading all the lore on the old syndicate blackops site, great art direction fantastic music, hilariously rude dialog, complete lack of polish, and addicting gameplay.

It was developed by a team small enough that a significant portion of the game's credits (a scroll on an altar in the last room) credit people by username.


tldr a bunch of french guys did datura and made a source game full of stuff they thought was cool and it's legitimately one of the best games ever made.
I've rewritten all this about three times and it still sucks at actually explaining E.Y.E, so have a video instead.



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I made an account just to request this. Yeeears ago, I bought some games on ebay and this one got randomly thrown in with my order.

The Hive (1995)


I remember being like "what the heck is this?!" and not being able to get it to run, but the mystery of it has remained with me to this day. Could I just do a bunch of Google and search Youtube videos? I could. But I'd rather see Ross play it.


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On 10/22/2015 at 1:54 AM, Steve the Pocket said:

Now that I know you've covered Commodore 64 games, here's one I loved as a kid: Bristles. It's an arcadey sort of game where you're a house painter getting attacked by flying paint cans and things. Not much else to say about this.

Something that finally dawned on me: This could work for a Christmas episode if you get desperate, because the soundtrack all comes from The Nutcracker Suite and candy canes appear in some levels as a paint-refill... thing.

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Hi there, this is not exactly whishlist. Just food for thought for future.

First is War Inc. a 1997 PC RTS, from what i remember it has some interesting features but was overshadowed by other RTS in that year.


Next is Netstorm for me a realy hard strategy game even whit cheat.


Then there is Gruntz funny puzzle strategy game with good humor.


That is all from strategy games ... for now.

From action shooters I would recommend Shogo: M.A.D.


And there are three action adventure games that comes to my mind.

First is Dark Earth and yea this game I would realy like to see on Game Dungeon.


Second is Drakan: Order of the Flame.


And third is Darkened Skye.



There are other games that I played on old PCs like Intel 386 and 486. Games like Dizzy, Tom and Jerry, Raptor, Prince of Persia or Shadow Warrior. Yea good old days.

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