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Gothic 1 and 2 are mentioned on the previous page, and I support that suggestion. I think they could be gold-mines for a good AF review. They've got character and quirks oozing out the everything and are also just amazing games - in many ways the pinnacle of Western RPGs, never again as of yet matched.


They're also unknown to a lot of North American gamers as Elder Scrolls was the big thing over here and Gothic 1 and 2 didn't have big marketing campaigns (or any?). I stumbled across them entirely by happenstance when I decided to play whatever random thing I could come across while perusing a torrent site and G2's English release had just come out - and it blew me away within minutes of playing it. They were hidden gems in their day.


Of course, Gothic 3 was a major disappointment and not done at all in similar vein as G1 and G2.

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I randomly found Ross's Game Dungeon last week and I really enjoy it! I have a suggestion for a great DOS game called The Terminator (1991) made by Bethesda. It was the first FPS, first open world game, first sandbox game, and one of the first games to have a 3D world based on a real world layout/location (LA). Grand Theft Auto also copied a lot from the game including stealing cars, driving over pedestrians, robbing banks, and rocket launchers! I loved it growing up and it still is pretty decent these days... for 1991.



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2 hours ago, kuntz said:

I randomly found Ross's Game Dungeon last week and I really enjoy it! I have a suggestion for a great DOS game called The Terminator (1991) made by Bethesda. It was the first FPS, first open world game, first sandbox game, and one of the first games to have a 3D world based on a real worl layout/location (LA). Grand Theft Auto also copied a lot from the game including stealing cars, driving over pedestrians, robbing banks, and rocket launchers! I loved it growing up and it still is pretty decent these days... for 1991.



I can 100% get behind that...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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When I think of what I want from Game Dungeon, I want to learn about games that I'm not likely to play myself, but still stick in my mind for some reason. So that leaves two games:


E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. I keep hearing interesting/crazy things about it. I tried the demo and immediately hit two things that really annoy me: Asking players to choose their stats without explaining what those stats do and, even if I knew what I wanted, I'd have to keep hitting randomize until it rolled the stats I wanted.


D/Generation: A game that starts off with you as a courier arriving by jetpack. The gameplay is just a bit too clunky for me to enjoy.


As for other games, I find Game Dungeon best when Ross finds a game I haven't heard of.

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On page 8, there was a post for X-com. I concur. The X-com series is great, OG, artificially made harder and smaller by out-of-tune Devs, has a lot of failed projects, then got a reboot that was commercially successful but divisive. Much like...Deus Ex. 



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Hello I'm new!
I'd love to see a review of "I have no mouth and I must scream" I think Ross would love that game

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So I have to get something that came to my mind before I forget it because believe me when I say that I may have remembered a game that the internet, if not the world, completely forgot about.  So let me bring you some context about this game before I say what it is since this is kinda important, sort of at least. 


So I was browsing my backlog of YouTube videos rather than being productive when I noticed that one of the videos was about Breakout.  For those that don't know what Breakout is, essentially it's a game where you use a rectangle and a ball to destroy other rectangles.  So there I was thinking, "Huh, this reminds me of a game that I used to play as a kid when I was really little and stupid.  I wonder what it was.  Oh yeah, Blasterball 2: Revolution.   I remember that game.  It was on a launcher, wasn't it.  I wonder if I could find out who made it."  So I browsed the internet a little bit longer and found the developer: Wild Tangent. 


For those that don't know, Wild Tangent was this service/developers that had a rent or buy situation for very simplistic games such as this Breakout clone or Polar Bear bowling.  Pretty much everyone would play the free trials that were offered by the service.  Surprisingly enough, they still seem to be around, though their service seems oddly sketchy especially for modern day standards.


Alright, let's cut to the chase.  As I was trying to remember who Wild Tangent was, I found a game that I vaguely remember, but didn't get far in since my dumb child mind was too scared to play it past the tutorial room.  This game, which I am convinced that everyone has forgotten about is Men in Black 2: Crossfire.  It was this weird bird eye view third person game that basically had you running around as a men in black agent shooting up invading aliens, starting with an attack at the HQ.  I can't find any game play footage anywhere outside for some trailer for the game, but even that isn't a real trailer, but a trailer for the demo of the game that was on a disk.  Even worse is that Wild Tangent seemingly no longer has the game listed for sale.  If anyone can drag this game back from the brink of nonexistence, it has to be Ross.

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Another game series comes to mind: Marathon


A series often talked about by the Mac enthusiast at my high school, but one I've never played myself. Plus it looks like it can now legally be played for free on Windows.

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not sure were to post this I will just put in here I really love Accursedfarms I was look at Ross's Games list and think  Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura should be in the RPG section of that part this site  Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura is such a good game yes its really buggie and lot of quest and things are missing but if you get the Unofficial Arcanum Patch (UAP091225.exe)  from https://terra-arcanum.com   

with that  Unofficial Patch it fixed so many bugged  or broken  quests and adds some new items too I think  it would be perfect for Ross sound like a game he might play would love see a Game Dungeon or a Review for Ross's Games list. 

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I'd love to see Ross play The Day The World Broke, as he's the only youtuber I can think of who'd be able to preserve it properly! It's a game from my childhood that still holds up whenever I can get my copy running again, and while it has a few stinkers for bugs that (of course) can break the game completely, it's short enough that once you know the steps a playthrough can go fast. There's a great cast of characters and it's a good story.




(Also, it's on brand.)

hqdefault (1).jpg

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Hi, I'm a big fan and I've been following the game dungeon for a while. I was hoping you could look at Noctropolis https://g.co/kgs/Z6gikC 


Think Batman, but a city that's always night in a live-ish action point and click adventure. It's an early CD game so all the live action video can only take a tiny part of the screen. It's not the greatest game but it has a ton of heart. 




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Hey, big fan of the game dungeon series and I would like to post my recommendations for possible consideration. 

  • "Two worlds" - It's a broken game from my experience, but I found it entertaining from my limited play through.
  • "Thief series" - Old game series, but I found them to be enjoyable for the most part. 
  • "Mount and Blade" - Old favorite of mine, mainly for the reason of dominating small bandit parties with an overwhelming force of soldiers. 
  • "Dark Messiah of Might and Magic" - Don't actually know much about this title just yet, but from what I've read on Steam it might be a good addition to the game dungeon series. 
  • "Serious Sam collection" - A old favorite of mine that is just mindless violence. Turn off your brain, listen to some metal, and kill demon alien things for no reason other than to just kill. 
  • "Evil Genius" - Management game set in the 1970's, and the best part is that you get to rule the world. 
  • "Postal series" - I don't think I need to mention why.
  • "Baldur's Gate" - This actual just seems like it would fit the along with the content that is already on the game dungeon. 

I have one more game but it's very iffy to me on if it should be a recommendation for the game dungeon. It's called Agony, and it has an unrated version. I figured that it would be an interesting pick, but I don't actually know if it would be good to put on the game dungeon. 


All the games listed above we're found on Steam.  


Thanks, keep up the good work!

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Would it be too cliché to suggest LSD: Dream Emulator? It's already been featured on a number of YouTube channels in some form or another, which is why I know about it. It's not really a game, per se; you might say it's one of the world's first walking simulators. You wander through a series of randomly-chosen environments supposedly inspired by the creator's actual dream diary, and you move on to the next one when you either walk into something or fall off a cliff. And there's a Political Compass type thing keeping track of whether your dreams so far have leaned towards positive or negative, and active or passive. It's... weird. You can probably find more thorough documentation on how it works than I'm providing, but that's all I've been able to glean.


And speaking of walking simulators, I can't believe I forgot about this one: Jazzpunk. If you grew up with the Living Books series, this will probably feel like a cross between a modern-style puzzle/adventure game, a walking simulator, and those. Specifically in how you can interact with stuff that has nothing to do with the plot to make funny stuff happen. The theme, as the name suggests, is basically cyberpunk as it might have been interpreted by a time traveler from the 1950s. The walking simulator part comes into play with how straightforward and obvious the path to progress is; you're expected to get sidetracked constantly and interact with every single thing if you want to get the most out of the experience. It might be too recent of a non-dead game to deserve a spot on the show, as it came out in 2014.

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I think the Amiga Game FATE:Gates of Dawn would make a good episode, as it is a game with a lot going on.


FATE:Gates of Dawn started development in 1986 by a guy called Olaf Patzenhauer and was released in 1991 by the German game development studio reLINE Software and is a gigantic Dungeon Crawler RPG. 11 races, 32 character classes, over 200 magic spells, 15 guilds to join, a huge overworld with 4 big cities, over 200 islands, nine dungeons, day and night cycle, different types of weather and a BANKING SYSTEM. Think Elder Scrolls three years before the first Elder Scrolls Game even existed and one year before Ultima Underworld came out.


The Game has a protagonist in the form of record shop owner Winwood, who gets teleported into the World of FATE and has to find his way back to Earth. Along the way Winwood can recruit NPCs and control of up to four different groups with 7 characters in each of them. This is needed because some of the dungeons in the game have puzzles that require more than one groups of characters to be solved.


So FATE:Gates of Dawn is a huge game, a playthrough even with a walkthrough takes up to 70 hours of game time and in the past one man even archieved a World Record by continously playing it for 170 hours straight. Many people have tried to conquer this game and they failed.


Olaf Patzenhauer was also a fan of anime and the art style of the game is his attempt to mix the Western RPG art style of the time with anime. This is propably also the reason why the game has a lot of nudity in the German version that was censored in the English release.



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On 12/19/2019 at 2:10 AM, Spökenkieker said:

the German game development studio reLINE Software

Hey, that's the same dev that made Nyet III and The Cave World!

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Maybe it was already metioned, but I spot in a list game "In Pursuit of Greed" which was SoftDisc game made out of id software codebase they created during development of Doom, like engine between Wolf3d and Doom. Because after split, id still had some agreements with softdisc. As I know this game is kind of not good, and probably it might be better to check raven Software games which also recived this base and made "raven engine" from it. Games like Shadowcaster and CyClones. First is real time, action, but have some RPG elements into it such as dungeoncrawler-like interface and ability of character turn into monsters (yea hi Lands of Lore 2). CyClones is on updated Raven engine that can do things like platforms, and with this free aiming feature but Ross would not like it most probably because he don't like this controls, however I like them and they are major feature in this game where whole game built around it.
After I seen in list games like Wrath of Earth and Rapid Assault I wonder why there is no Raven's Necrodome . It probably less known Raven game since it was made not on id software engine unlike most of their other games, but on same engine as their top-down shooters. Idea is that you are on future arena championship with armored cars with guns. So it's FPS game where you control car and shoot enemies, you can also get out from your car and move on foot, can do simple car jumps, it also support coop where driver and gunner is different players. I think it might be interesting for you.

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so how come Outer WILDS (not worlds) isn't on the game list here? it's got puzzles, open world (star system) exploration and existential dread (cosmic horrors), amazing graphics and soundtrack and very few mazes.


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Burn the World!

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Skirmish Line

I heavily recommend the Skirmish Line for an episode. I got the idea from Ross's older Zombie defense flash games (last Stand), he seems to have enjoyed them pretty much. This one seems to have originated in the similar area, being a successor of old Mud and Blood series, it now evolved to be a full-blown game of it's own. There are already some youtube reviews of it, so I'm not going to talk too much about it's essence, since it's pretty clear. let's just say it's a defense line game, both in-depth and has a simple learning curve at the same time. It's very straight-forward and fun, and as far as I'm aware, it's relative success allows them to increase the game's scope with DLC's. There's already a Chinese theater of ww2, which is really quite rare in video games as much as I'm aware. And Now there's one about the great Emu war too, of all things! That's gotta be up Ross's alley, it's such a meme, but not much was done on it in the games before. I got a feeling he might like this bizarre part of the game.

I really hope developers will continue to add more content, quite possibly remaining theaters of ww2, both western and eastern fronts, as well as ability to play as Axis and not just defend but attack as well. Some obscure war areas like partisan warfare, France, north Africa, Balkans, Poland, etc would also be great. Finnish Winter war would work the best probably, being yet another great meme, and my oh my, I'd kill for them to make a ww1 version\dlc. Anyway, with the game's vintage character and history, I think it has great potential, and I suppose it would fit Game Dungeon perfectly. Ross seems to have interest and experience in this kind of games and some more exposure wouldn't hurt the title either. In my opinion, game has a bright future ahead of it, and it'd be interesting if Ross used to play Mud and Blood back in the day, what are his thoughts on it's new incarnation? I also recommend it, due to the game being modern and yet cheap and simple on it's surface, easy to go through at the start, meaning Ross would probably have little trouble making an episode about it. It'd be nice to let him have an easy one for a change.



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Hi all, cheers Ross, here is my suggestion for a GD game ( i hope it wasn't mentioned before).


Operation Flashpoint - Cold war crisis.


2001 tactical shooter, simulator and ArmA3 and DayZ's grandpa. 

Why would it be good material for the show?


It has a good campaign, or at least engaging campaign with memorable characters and scenarios that are very versatile ( in one episode you need to find the way back home at night using stars for navigation). Writing is maybe a bit naive, but it has hart. 


It is intense. One bullet, dead. When you hear russian armor, you go prone ASAP. Shooting enemy from 300 meters feels really rewarding. 


It has easy to use (but also mighty) editor where you can set up your scenarios, from basic to complete campaign. You can drive everything, planes, tanks, helis, boats. It has day night cycle with authentic night sky. 


When developers released development tools, it created cambrian explosion of mods. Every army, every era (from Napoleon to space marines from Aliens), from realism to experiments (dinosaurs, LEGO wars). I have 4 DVD's of mods, from when the mods were 10-20Mb average. 


Very random, you can get very different experience for most missions.


It has solid music


It has anti war quotes when you die, like: 

A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.

Joseph Stalin


I believe that people would be alive today if there were a death penalty.

Nancy Reagan


The quickest way to end a war is to lose it.

George Orwell


But 2 main campaigns would be enough for a great episode. 



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