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I assume this is where we can post suggestions of games for ross to play. The game i wanna suggest is Gunman Chronicles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunman_Chronicles I remember playing this game when i was young and i think it had Aliens , Dinosaurs and Robots. The wiki says its based on a Quake mod that later moved to be a Half-Life mod that was made into a game by Sierra because it was popular at the time. I've never heard anyone even speak of this game and it seems its faded completely to obscurity so id be interesting to see it again.

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I feel that Cryo Interactive's Dreams To Reality deserves a spotlight for the dungeon episode simply due to the fact that this game has one hell of an atmosphere while at the same time being barely known at all since it got overshadowed by Atlantis: The Lost Tale. The game got a DOS and a Windows version (Windows and GDI editions), plus a PlayStation release a year later under the name Dreams. Ross if you plan to check that game out here are things that needs to be cleared out:


- The PC version has the physics tied to the frame rate and it depends on the CPU speed. If you plan to play the Windows version you must use the software called DxWND to set up the CPU timing and the CD Audio playback because it's looking for a specific DLL file that is not present in the modern Windows. At this point it's best to use the DOS version as it doesn't take much hassle to set it up and just straight up works, i recommend using the DOSBox ECE for that matter.

- While the DOS version offers the 3DFX Glide support, it's best to avoid that and use the software mode instead. The main reason for this is because the game gets unstable in Glide Mode and graphical issues will occur such as the blinking text dialogue.

- CD is required to play the game, even if you install the Full version of the game. My guess is that it runs the game straight from your CD than from your hard disk.

- Because of that, all your options will reset besides the key bindings as they cannot be changed at all. It is recommended to set the Combat Mode to Manual instead of the default Automatic. This is because some movement features like jumping and flying gets replaced with the Punch and Kick and having it to Auto will get you into a Combat Mode immediately even if you leave from it.

- Kick your enemies, it's faster and has longer range despite dealing less damage than a punch. The bow is useful for only one part of the puzzle and your magic abilities can be cancelled anytime by pressing ESC. Magic sword is you best weapon, combined with the speed boost you are a walking death machine.

- Mid-late section of the game gets harder because of how cryptic it becomes with the puzzle. Possession ability becoming more common in use (Also you can possess only once per person)

- Entering a new section will make a new save file, you have no control over the slots nor ya can't manually save.

- Controls can be viewed anytime by holding down F10

- The Playstation version follows the same plot and settting but it is an entirely different game that feels like it was unfinished, it's the worst version by far.




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3 hours ago, Impersonal Sky God said:

Hi, I don't know if anyone has suggested this before, but might I suggest "Anachronox" for Ross to review - its a fun, wacky game that I think he'd like.

Man, I love Anachronox so much. The amount of talent and soul put in this game is staggering.

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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On 4/8/2019 at 3:05 PM, Saucy said:

PARASITE EVE for a future Christmas episode. In Captain Zzap, Ross said he was running out of Christmas games he feels like talking about, and every year since then I've suggested Parasite Eve in the comments, but they usually get buried so I don't think he's noticed.


Ross, I know you really only do PC games on the Game Dungeon, but you might want to make an exception for this one. It's far and away the best Christmas game ever, and it honestly seems like the kind of thing you'd like a lot. It's got great atmosphere, hilariously incorrect soft science, mutating animals inspired by The Thing, unique RPG hybrid gameplay, people exploding into orange goop like in End of Evangelion, shotguns, kickass music; basically everything you could possibly want for Christmas.

I fully support this. Ross's Snow/Christmas equivalence gives him a good bit of room, but Christmas as a backdrop (as in this game and Die Hard, to name just two) might help expand things a bit for him. I remember the crafting system being kind of unique and weird in a fun way, too: body armor that healed you or protected you from status effects, modding sub-machine guns to accept grenade rounds, lots of fun.


Here's hoping he doesn't run into too many emulator issues, or Square/Sony getting all copyright-happy on him for reviewing a twenty-year-old game that, as best I can tell, they don't sell anymore and hasn't been compatible with their consoles for two generations now. Google says it works on the PS3 and PSP, but the links just take you to the PS store's front page, so it may be gone for now outside of emulators.


Speaking of emulators (though not Christmas-related), one game I'd been thinking about for a while but took a week of searching to track down the name of, hails from the NES days: Captain Skyhawk.



Generic name notwithstanding, this is a surprisingly solid game. The basic premise is you fly a sci-fi version of the sexiest fighter of the 20th century, the F-14 Tomcat, in a war against invading aliens.


Even on the old 8-bit machines of the day, the gameplay is surprisingly solid: your fighter moves and drifts in predictable ways, debris/gibs from ground targets fly and tumble, there was little or no slowdown at any point, and while the missions were linear, they had a lot of variation. The main missions are isometric/top-down vertical shooter attack runs to blow up alien ground bases, but you also drop supplies for resistance outposts and rescue captured scientists, or you might be shooting down alien fighters and blowing up enemy space stations in more of a chase-camera mode. In the main missions, your maneuverability is also not just limited to front-back-left-right: you can also change your speed/altitude to deal with different targets, which so far as I know is unique in top-down vertical shooters. Also, a bit like Tyrian, you have the option at certain points to upgrade your fighter a bit: you can load up with missiles and bombs that can be consumed during missions, or improve the cannon, which is your basic infinite-ammo default weapon. Or both, if you're really good at blowing up aliens and rack up the score.


The only criticisms I have are that the terrain is a basic type of 3D polygonal grid, a bit like Test Drive 3 - but as Ross observed, that sort of interpretive scenery isn't a bad thing. It's just... Well, not what a lot of gamers are looking for today.


The other is that it has next to no music. The tracks it has aren't bad, in a minimalist 8-bit way, but not every level has them, and the noise of your cannon and the high-pitched drone of those big GE jet engines are going to be your soundtrack for most of the game. It's a bit disappointing, but if it comes down to a tradeoff between solid fast-paced gameplay and having lots of music, then I think the studio made the right choice.

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On 11/1/2019 at 12:36 AM, am1 said:

I'd love to see Ross play The Day The World Broke, as he's the only youtuber I can think of who'd be able to preserve it properly! It's a game from my childhood that still holds up whenever I can get my copy running again, and while it has a few stinkers for bugs that (of course) can break the game completely, it's short enough that once you know the steps a playthrough can go fast. There's a great cast of characters and it's a good story.




(Also, it's on brand.)

hqdefault (1).jpg


I'm going to second this, I think Ross would dig it. There's like one playthrough of it on youtube now and they got through it pretty quickly, about 5 hours. The gameplay and puzzles are lacking but the art, atmosphere, and vision are all there- it seems like playing it on a Win 95 is the way to go to avoid some of the problems.

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Here's something of mild interest:



A horde-based FPS where your enemies are pigs, the arena is a farm and there is SO MUCH BLOOD.

Also, it's cheap. About $1 USD for 101 stages, 2-4 player co-op, additional game modes (including a space station sim, for some reason?) and regular updates. Yes, even after its initial release in 2013 on XBLA it's still getting updates, the developer even occasionally runs servers where you can play with him!


There are some downsides, though. After stage 35-40 the game starts to get a bit repetitive. It's a slog to get through at points and it's a bit boring when you're not playing co-op. The graphics look like they're from a budget release from 2001 and the sound quality kinda blows, especially the voice acting which sounds like it was recorded on a $2 microphone from a corner store.


But it's $1, made by 1 guy and it's fun most of the time. If you're in need of a game for a LAN party,  this is a good bet.

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