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Game Dungeon Wish List

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On 12/16/2018 at 6:33 AM, Kaiosama TLJ said:

Ohhhhhhhhhh booooooy... THIS game. You aren't suggesting this one because of Projared's most recent aborted Let's Play aren't you? If yes, then I will second that because I was thinking on the same thing.

Well I suggested it, because I played it a long time ago. But never finished it and it striked me as one of those slightly wierd games bud I can't remember why. And I have A3 format poster of this game over my bed.

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On 12/21/2018 at 4:49 PM, Hatory said:

Well I suggested it, because I played it a long time ago. But never finished it and it striked me as one of those slightly wierd games bud I can't remember why. And I have A3 format poster of this game over my bed.

But the timing couldn't be more perfect. Well, it could if it was on the same day (or at least 2 days after) Projared called it quits, but you get my point, only a few weeks passed since his last Darkened Skye video. (11/21/2018)


Anyway, I agree it's good material for the show. I could saw the game tried to create a very unique world, but then it shoot itself on the foot with it's attempts at "humor" (although I still think Sacred 3 is worse) and the fact that the game is nothing more than a glorified ad for Skittles. (which is the most mind-boggling part about this game IMO)

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On 12/25/2018 at 7:16 PM, RaTcHeT302 said:

wait what - i don't think i ever managed to even get sacred 2 to run, that doesn't bode well for the third game

What does the fact that you barely managed to run the second game has to do with the third game having a bad sense of humor? Besides, Sacred 3 runs fine from what I know, it's not that old of a game. (it came in 2014)

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Survival Crisis Z, basically an old freeware zombie game like Project Zomboid. Definitely looked interesting enough to be on the show. Video here.


Would also have to second Space Station Silicon Valley. Again, definite Game Dungeon material!


Lastly may I suggest Fortnit-HRRRRRRK

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It has all the classic Game Dungeon hallmarks:




-a virtually dead game

-almost impossible to get running

-has unique art design and environments

-amazing concept, brimming with potential, that hasn't been seen in video games before or since

-shoddy execution of aforementioned concept

"Ich bin, ja, ja, Volkswagen narcoman"

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Battle For Wesnoth, can be downloaded at https://www.wesnoth.org/


It's a open-source fantasy turn-based game. In a nutshell, the main goal will be to kill your opponents leader, like in chess. However, the campaigns plays fast and loose with this so the objectives may vary.

I reccomend Ross play the longest of the campaigns: Heir to the Throne. It gives a good chunk of story, has somewhat interesting characters, and the combat is diverse enough that it is simple to learn, yet difficult to master.


It's also an example of game development done right. The game has been in active development SINCE 2003. That's dedication. All in all, you cannot go wrong with this game, and it's sure to receive an ALL-TIME-FAVORITE award.


I can't wait to hear what he has to say about: "Let's talk about the music!" on account of it being really good, but you get the most inappropriate music at the weirdest times, and when a orc tries to strike a character, it sounds like he's thrusting in a sexual manner, but it's a really good game.

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Hello, I'm LuciferSam. Long time lurker, but now I decided to come out from the shadows :)


Anyway: here a suggestion: the Tex Murphy saga: a FMV adventure games (except for the first two)


My first game I played was Under a killing moon back in the DOS days, but now I've played all the episodes.


I could suggest to start from the episode I like the most: The Pandora Directive or the last one: "Tesla Effect"


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Here's a game that might fit the Game Dungeon: Drowned God: Conspiracy for the Ages.




It's a first-person Sci-fi adventure game with a gorgeous pre-rendered 90's aesthetic. The game delves into a massive assortment of conspiracies mainly focusing on the deliberate manipulation of history, also including alien intervention, the Knights Templar, and government cover-ups. It was actually a Windows 95 best seller in the fall of '96, but the bugs in the initial version and outright strange and occultist themes and imagery hindered its sales and shoved it into obscurity.


The real mystery behind this game is the unhinged developer, Harry Horse. He was an English author, illustrator, political cartoonist, conspiracy theorist, and former lead singer of the psychobilly band Swamptrash. According to Harry, Drowned God was based on a forged manuscript, claimed to have been written by 19th-century poet Richard Henry Horne.


I'll quote Wikipedia directly regarding the sequel to this game:


Around the time of the game's release, Horse stated that its story was incomplete, and that the rest of the story would be revealed in a sequel called CULT, planned to center around Area 51. However, he killed himself, as well as his wife and pets, a decade after the game's release, and no sequel was ever completed.

I think this would be a prime candidate for the Game Dungeon considering that it's an obscure and bizarre sci-fi adventure game revolving around conspiracies developed by a questionably mentally stable individual. Although, I have heard that the game can be dim and depressing, the puzzles can be frustrating, and the game might be cursed, but the content might outweigh those aspects.


Drowned God is abandonware, so it's freely available here, complete with a manual, guide, and patches:




As far as how easy it is to get running on modern systems, that might be a bit of a challenge, as I haven't had much success running it on 64-bit Windows 7. But considering how incredibly hostile Armed & Delirious was, this might be nothing compared to that game.

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On 1/12/2019 at 5:14 PM, roger_duncan_101 said:

So I just bumped into the video where guys from Red Letter Media playing the game Don't Shit Your Pants. I think it would make a funny short episode of Game Dungeon.



I would die laughing if he tackled that!

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With the possible resurfacing of WoD video games, it would be cool if we got a Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines episode. I mean everyone is going to be talking about it the closer we get to the release of the sequel, this game has a quite active active "cult" following, but Ross's take on it would be pretty interesting.

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Titanic: An Adventure Out of Time.


It's a 1995 action adventure set on the Titanic. It's a really cool game with a very interesting/complex plot.


 It also has an odd form of animation that used real pictures of actors. image.png.b7477fb05e7b1810408defc3611c48c3.png 


Would love to see it covered some day. I think it's perfect game dungeon material.

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White Day: A Labyrinth named School (2001)


I have a long history with this game, I can send you a clean Korean iso, and help you with installing the English translation, and guide through the many  (many) issues you will have with this game on a modern OS. Would love to hear your opinion on this one.

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PARASITE EVE for a future Christmas episode. In Captain Zzap, Ross said he was running out of Christmas games he feels like talking about, and every year since then I've suggested Parasite Eve in the comments, but they usually get buried so I don't think he's noticed.


Ross, I know you really only do PC games on the Game Dungeon, but you might want to make an exception for this one. It's far and away the best Christmas game ever, and it honestly seems like the kind of thing you'd like a lot. It's got great atmosphere, hilariously incorrect soft science, mutating animals inspired by The Thing, unique RPG hybrid gameplay, people exploding into orange goop like in End of Evangelion, shotguns, kickass music; basically everything you could possibly want for Christmas.


Seriously, listen to this shit. This is the map screen music for fuck's sake.


Hell, if you're interested in covering it sometime, I'd straight-up donate a physical copy of the game just so you can emulate it legally. It's totally worth it.





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DROD, an incredibly quirky, incredibly good, and some incredibly odd design decisions made in the first games. Basically, it's a turn based/tile based puzzle game where you have to kill all the monsters in the room and exit it. It had almost no marketing behind it, and the series was somehow held up to 6 different games with support from incredibly dedicated fans. It seems like a perfect fit for the Game Dungeon (and not just because most of it takes place in one)

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Hey Ross, love your work been watching it for years and even got my girlfriend into your videos. I made an account just to send this suggestion


siege of avalon, it's an isometric medieval fantasy abandoned ware title from 2000 that takes inspiration from baldurs gate and diablo


though the gameplay was kinda boring (LOTS of go back and forth, back and forth) the story, setting and interface really stuck with me for years and I would love to see you do a video on it.


here's the link that I used to download the game and I can confirm it works and hasn't blown up my computer



be warned though, I think this is one of those games that isn't compatible with newer OS's. the frame rate can be painfully slow and I don't have any sound or music (shame because I rather liked the soundtrack)


edit: played it again and for some reason the music and sound is working now . but I still can't see the opening cinematic (not missing much with that but still)

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Hi Ross! I'd like to recommend Mobil 1 Rally Championship. If you sucessfully activated your powers of deduction, you'll find this is a racing game, featuring immense rally stages. It was the last game developed by Magnetic Fields, and released in 1999. The main attraction of the game are the super-long stages, created using real-life data from maps from the Ordnance Survey, a mapping agency for Britain and Ireland. They feel like a journey.


Looking back on it, the physics are nothing special, with sound design being quite poor in fact, however it's a game I thought you'd like due to the sheer immensity of the setting. IIRC there's a stage lasting for over 30 minutes (racing pace), with most of them averaging 10 minutes I'd say. IMO it was the best rally game until Richard Burns Rally released in 2004.


EDIT: I took screenshots of all the stage description screens in the game: https://imgur.com/a/h1bRD8a

Adding up, the game has 652km across all its stages, and 18km averaged on its 36 stages! For 1999, this was a proper achievement. It still is! And they received great reviews too, mostly nines across the board.

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