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Game Dungeon Wish List

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I would like to recommend Phocas Island 2 a Doom mod. I know this isn't a game and i am not sure about what is allowed to be recommended, but i really wanted to share this. In my opinion this is the best doom mod/map and one of best games i have seen. It uses strifes level connection and has huge maps.


The plot is, you are stranded on island and you need to get off it, very simple. In game you can find notes that were left by someone. It's open world exploring with doom combat and puzzle elements. I remember someone describing it as point and click in doom.  I really love the atmosphere in it. It uses custom textures and monsters, most of em ripped from different games.


I really hope that someone in future would make something similar. Sadly Phocas island 1 is different beast, more a classic doom level. If someone gonna decide to run it then i should warn that despite it recommending to use GZDooM, newest one wont gonna work. One level transition will gonna fuck up and insta-kill you, even in God mode. I am not sure which GZDooM version gonna work, but i played it with Zandronum 2.1.2 and i guess old ZDooM gonna work too.

Download link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/phocas2
Small trailer: 


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apparently bionicle legend of mata nui is getting fanmade updates, I'd really like to see some content on that


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Xenus 2: White gold

It's perfect game for summer in tropics, all sub quests you gotta look for but they are amazing, main story is so stupid it's actaully funny.

First Xenus is just boring and bad so I wouldn't bother with it

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I'd love to see Ross try his hand at Mechwarrior 4.

Pretty sure he'd enjoy it. Specially since it ticks off most of his biases TOWARDS liking it.

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Personally I'd like to see him review underrail or arcanum, even if he hates them. 

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You really need to try Xeno Clash I and II. It's a first person fighting game. The game play is unique and good enough for the length of the game. If it were a 8 hour Half-Life 2 thing it might get old. Either way, the universe setting is bizarre and worth experiencing. Just look at screen shots of this game and tell me you don't think "wtf is that?" It's weird and wonderful and not that well known afaik.



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I'd like to see some of those 2nd/3rd tier FPS games from the early 2000's get some reviews on the Dungeon. Ones that come to mind are mainly Pariah and Mace Griffin.

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I'm new here, but I want to post my suggestions.
GOTHIC I, II and expansion "Night of the Raven".
This are some of the most climatic and impressive games I have played in my childhood years.


First Gothic I

The story is set in the Khorinis Island, where penal colony has been set to force criminals to dig precious magic ore. It's a very good material for creating weapons and the kingdom need them because orks have invaded the mainland country Myrthana. So to meet high demand for magic ore a new laws have been passed. Every criminal no matter the crime will be sent to the colony. And the colony will be surrounded by a magical barrier. But some magic shenanigans later the barrier consume more than it was intended to and anyone that will try to leave will just die. The prisoners use that disarray to take over and now the king is forced to give them what they want in exchange for magic ore. And that is all you now when they drop you, ass first into the lake behind barrier.

Here are some points that in my opinion make the game good.

The world feel alive. The people do their daily stuff, react to weather, and fight off monsters.

NPC are interesting and many of them are very memorable.

The story is somehow standard but still feels right in the world of the game.

Enemies stay dead. Later it can make the world feel empty when you kill every single life form in some parts of the world, but well, there was suppose to be respawn system that would respawn animals every new act, but to my knowledge it was scrapped in the final version so once you clear a location it will stay clear.

They were more features like that. For example, there is a stage in old camp that was suppose to be used by in game version of the band 'In Extremo' with music and all after finishing second act. The Alchemy was scrapped. Smithing swords was suppose to be better but you can make just a basic unfinished sword.

Almost everything is interactive. You can kill some animal, knife some meat out of it, go to the camp, buy a frying pan, go to the bonfire and fry it. The more time you spend on that, the more meat you fry. So if you have like 15 pieces of meat it will take longer than a few seconds.
You browsing your equipment don't stop time like in skyrim. When you want to eat something to recover HP your character will it, that in game with animation and sound.

According to some people the game has clunky controls, but to me they were good.

There are mods to the game that restore content and fix some things. There is polish mod "enhancededition" that adds more quests, factions, items, and many other things. I don't know anything about English mods or English versions of polish, german and russian mods (the game really did good in this country).

Now Gothic II

Take gothic I but add time to finish the features that were planned for G1, add more polish to the game and bigger world that is just as rich as the one from G1, add interesting mechanics to combat the players cleaning the map, new factions and fucking dragons. You have G2.

I could write more, but seriously this game will speak for itself if one is willing to give it a chance.

And on top of that the expansion "The Night of the Raven" is the expansion. It adds so much new content along with a new big map and enemies and other stuff that you will cry at the thought that content poor DLC's are what we have today.

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So I got Flare, the RPG.


Man, this brings me back. The graphics remind me of Icewind Dale, the Avernum series, and even Cabela's 2003 hunting game. I love it. I like how it's a bit of the reverse of Avernum, Arx Fatalis, and Underrail : instead of clinging to the underworld, you want to get back into it. Definitely a game I can see myself loving for a long time.

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I'd really love Ross to review Two Worlds 2 - it was criminally underrated and overlooked thanks to how fatally mediocre the first game was, but is surprisingly magnitudes better than the original. I played the first game all the way through back before I had standards and bought games straight out of the bargain box at my local games store and I honestly loved it for all its flaws purely because of how charming I found everything, despite it being a horrible and broken mess, which only meant I was even more surprised than everybody else to find the second game was actually very playable and fun. I think Ross would appreciate how weird and wonderful it is, especially given his tendency to play through shitty RPGs.

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Would really like to see Myth: The Fallen lords and it's sequel. 1 and 2 sit right next to Tib sun as my favorite games. Myth I think has some great presentation, some awesome music and how can you beat dwarves blowing zombies into many bloody pieces that riddle the landscape? Both 1 and 2 are awesome. The third one is a genuinely bad game, but it has some interesting elements to it. Like the Trow in armor.

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Just downloaded Overlord 2, and despite the decent game review coverage, I would like to see Ross's take on it. I doubt it'd work for a Game Dungeon though.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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Gotta put in my request for 1996's "Animal", an adver-game for the meat-based snack food Peperami. Inexplicably, it's a "comedic" point-n-click adventure game that challenges Armed & Delirious for how much it actively fights against the player. Much liked the aforementioned reviewed game, Animal has:

  • Absurdly picky mouse placement for exits
  • Inconsistent methods for exits (e.g. randomly needing to press "Use" on a staircase when all other staircases just have you clicking the bottom step)
  • A massive inventory and an overabundance of random items to collect with no clear use case for any of them
  • A complete lack of direction or plotline within the game itself
  • A consistently unpleasant or weird soundscape at any given point
  • A protag that doesn't shut up (except in this case, it's a lot more screechy. See above.)

As a bonus, it also has a narrator that constantly talks down and is hostile toward the player. Enjoy getting insulted for attempting to even remotely think logically about a situation on screen. Archived over on IA here, for better or worse: https://archive.org/details/peperami-adventure-game-1997

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I just watched a LP of road avenger.  Pity its a console or arcade game.  That game could use some hilarious commntary as its only about 30 minutes of a playthrough.  Its like an interactive driving anime cartoon.  Left, right, brake, turbo (similar to say dragon's lair or space ace but nothing funny here.  Bitter sweet ending tbh).

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I was thinking of Troika Games and their trilogy.


They had some of the most wonderful games, but they just kind of withered and died. Maybe an episode of Game Dungeon on Troika Games would be appropriate?

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Would you consider "Socrates Jones: pro philosopher" as relevant to this list, or is it too casual?

Burn the World!

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Whats up everyone. Found the Game Dungeon trying to show my girlfriend footage of Quarantine. I love all the videos, so many memories I had forgotten brought back after so many years.


Seen a ton of great suggestions here that do the same thing. Amazing.


Anyway, id like to throw a few games out there that id like to see Ross review.





Mega Race-



Wing Commander: Privateer



X-Wing vs Tie Fighter-






Also, I swear I remember a Dos demo I had called Bug Wars. I cant seem to find anything online. Ive seen a few people online looking for the same thing, and while Battle Bugs has been suggested as the game we are looking for, we are all pretty sure that's not it.


Also, to those suggesting One Must Fall and MDK, f*ck yea!!! Edit- Oh man, CyberDogs, hell f*ck yeah man.


I love what you do Ross, keep it up man!!! 


Edit- Remembered an old game that might be a candidate for a Christmas video. From what I remember its geared towards a very young audience, pretty much an educational math game. But snow equals Christmas right lol. Anyway-


Treasure MathStorm-




Edit- Ok, 1 more then I'll back off for a bit.


Redneck Rampage-


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