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Merry Christmas from the Game Dungeon! Maybe someday I’ll actually have a Christmas episode out a few days in advance, but that’s not happening this year. I think this one came out pretty well for what I had to work with. It certainly is a game.

Freeman’s Mind will be coming ASAP, but it will still be a few days due to me prioritizing this video to make it out in time. I hope to have streaming of something on my birthday on the 28th and a play session with fans (probably of Planetside 2) on Saturday 29th, but things are still a bit tight at the moment. 

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I can't help but mention that there is a band called Apocalyptica. They started by playing cello covers of Metallica (hence the name, I guess), then created their own style (see albums Cult, Apocalyptica, Worlds Collide) of instrumental (and quite tuneful at that) metal. Long time ago, I first found them by accidentally guessing the name after mishearing another band name. Funny coincidence.

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